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企业网站建设这个领域是自从互联网进入中国以来就开始在神州大地遍地开花,从早期的几百万建站,到后来的几十万,到如今的两千三千甚至几百块的单价,演绎着网站建设市场的混乱夹杂着基础网站建设市场从业人员的血泪。The enterprise website construction is the field since the Internet since entering China began in throughout the blossom everywhere, from the early millions of site, to the subsequent hundreds of thousands, to now two million and three thousand and even hundreds of pieces of unit price, deduce the website construction market turmoil mingled with the foundation website construction market practitioners of the blood. 有人呼吁,进入2007年度,这个行业的同行要提高整体价格水平,甚至以房地产的开发商为学习对象,窃以为这个情况不会出现,企业网站建设市场仍将混乱下去。为什么?为什么企业网站从业人员和公司不能获得高的利润和取得良好的企业生态环境,为什么我们的大多数建站公司哀叹如今的市场真不是人做的?放眼看去,价格战比拼血肉模糊,将微薄的利润压缩到不能再低……城市里大街小巷都是网络公司,甚至连做名片搞印刷的门市部都可以堂而皇之的为客户提供网站建设服务?这样的市场现状将走向何处?Someone called on, into the 2007 year, the industry peers to improve the overall price level, even to the real estate developers for the study object, I think the situation will not appear, enterprise website construction market is down chaos. Why? Why enterprise web site the employees and the company can't get high profits and obtain good enterprise ecological environment, why the majority of our company now resides market is not lament the man do? Looking looks, the price war rivalry flesh fuzzy, will meagre profit compressed to cannot again low... The city streets are network company, even do make the sales business card printing can be pronouncement is the customer provides the website construction service? This present market situation will lead to where? 我认为:这样的市场乱象仍将持续下去。I think: that this market the mess will still continue. 目前在国内网站建设市场上整体来说获利甚丰的基本上有两家企业:中企动力和铭万两家公司,其中以中企动力更胜一筹。中企的成功不在于他的技术,在于这个公司对中国互联网基础服务市场现状的了解和背后的资本优势。这个公司以其独特的跑业务的方式和遍及全国各地的分支机构和辛勤的业务员覆盖了差不多整个市场,一些傻乎乎的民企老板们在“电子商务”“信息化建设”等好听的辞藻下和精美的设计方案而掏出了几万或者十几万的网站建设费用换回来的就是一堆自助建站系统生成加一个美工设计的网站,从而为中国数码在资本市场上的良好业绩支撑。但是,国内的其他企业学中企是学不来的,他的模式你无法复制,甚至你都不愿意向中企那样的去营销,因为我们的很多公司还是很在乎自己企业的名誉的。At present domestic website construction in whole on the market for lucrative there are basically two enterprises: ZhongQi power and inscription two thousand companies, among them with ZhongQi against the power. ZhongQi success lies not in his technology, this company is on the basis of the current situation of the service market to understand and behind the capital advantage. The company with its unique run business way and all over the world branches and hard cover for almost the entire market salesman, some silly corporation bosses in "the electronic commerce" "information construction" good words and exquisite design scheme and took out tens of thousands or website construction costs in return is a pile of self-build system generates add a graphic design website, thus for China's digital in capital market of good results support. But, other domestic QiYeXue ZhongQi is to learn not to come of, his mode you can't copy, you don't even willing to ZhongQi that go to marketing, because a lot of our company is still CARES about enterprise's reputation. 网站内链优化有什么重要性呢?很多刚进入优化行业的人不懂外链和内链有什么作用?下面seo网站优化公司跟大家浅谈有关网站内链优化的重要性,请看以下详细介绍。 Web site chain optimization and what's the significance? Many had just entered a optimization of industry chain and the people don't know what role within the chain? The web site optimization company with everyone SEO on the web site of the importance of chain optimization, please see the following detailed introduction. 一、增强用户体验(Enhanced user experience)网站内部的整体操持,包括清楚的网站建设思路、频道操持、内容的有机跳转等等,这些都可以极大的便于用户查找与阅读。我们把内链做成一条线,进步了用户的访问时间和访问的效率,从而增加了销售的机会。这样的成效意味着网已经成功了一半。因此,我们必需正视内链建设,对内链建设不可马虎,否则到发现多么重要的时候,就后悔莫及了。 The whole of the internal web site conducted, including the construction of the website of clear thinking, channel, the content of organic go jump, all of these can greatly facilitate users find and reading. We made a line in the chain, the user access time of progress and visit the efficiency, thus increasing the sales opportunities. Such results mean nets are half way there. Therefore, we must face up to the construction in the chain, and chain construction is careless, otherwise to find how important, they too late to regret. 二、晋升枢纽词群排名(Promotion hub word group of rankings)网站内链的形式可以多种变化应用,除了内容的上下页来跳转之外,还可以通过文章中的锚文本链接来进行跳转。比如我们在百度百科上看到的很多锚文本链接,这些锚文本每每就是一些要害词,着其实网站的内链优化上提升了排名。 Web site in the form of a variety of changes can chain application, in addition to the content of the page to jump up and down, but also can through the anchor text links to articles on the jump. Such as we saw on wikipedia in baidu many anchor text link, the anchor text often is some key words, the web site of the chain optimization in actually improve the ranking. 三、晋升网站权重(Promotion website weight)当内链有很好效果的时候,用户体验的作用就能够通过观察数据体现出来。网页内容被浏览的次数大大进步,不会泛起没有点击率的情况。因为内容的可传递性,用户访问量迅速晋升。传递的人越多,网站也在无形中进行一场网络营销。另外,内链的公道架构会引导蜘蛛爬行,大量的内链网络会极大晋升网站整体权重值。不断的做好内链优化,才能真真正正地把权重进步一个新的层次上来。When a good effect in a chain of time, the role of the user experience can be through the observation data reflected. The number of web content is being viewed much progress, not on the situation has not. Because of the content can be transfer sex, the user traffic rapid promotion. The more people passed, the website also in virtually a network marketing. In addition, the reasonable structure within the chain will lead spider crawling, a large number of chain will be greatly promoted in network web site overall weights. Constantly do chain in optimization, to actually really put the weight progress a new level up. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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