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网站优化推广离不开数据分析,一些数据可以直观的反映优化中出现的问题,北京网站设计公司对于这一块认知是非常深刻的,常常有seo人员忘记了数据分析,导致查不到一些异常的原因,这一块是需要所有seo人员重视的。Website optimization promotion cannot leave the data analysis, some data can be intuitive reflect optimization problems, Beijing website design company for this one is very profound cognition, and there is often seo personnel forget data analysis, cause not check some unusual reason, this was a need to all personnel of seo attention. 对于很多Seoer来说,数据分析视乎离我们很远,只有一些高手才能涉及到,北京网站设计公司认为不是这样,我们每一个seo人员都应该常常去进行数据分析,因为数据分析是seo不可分割的一部分。For many Seoer speaking, data analysis depending on the far away from us, only some superior to involves, Beijing website design company think not so, each one should often go to seo personnel of data analysis, because the data analysis is an integral part of seo. 数据分析源于我们的日常工作,每天一大早打开电脑,查询网站的数据,你是否有每天统计下来?网站的快照、外链的增加与减少、收录的变化、友情链接的检测,每一个对于网站都是有影响的,如果我们每天只是粗略的看看网站的变化情况,并没有把它们一一记录起来,当网站出现一些问题时,我们可能仍然摸不着头脑,经常的统计和分析网站的数据,可以让你seo优化经验提升有一个层次;经验并非都来源于实践,很多时候需要我们不断的分析和总结。Data analysis from our daily work, early in the morning open a computer, inquires the site data, do you have daily statistical down? Snapshot of the web site, the chain of increase and decrease, collection of change, links detection, each for the website are influential, if we look at the web site every day is a rough guide the change of, and did not put them record up when the site appears some problems, we may still confused, often the statistics and analysis of the web site data, can let you seo optimization has a level experience ascension; Experience is not all comes from practice, and many times we need to constantly analysis and review. 除了统计网站的一些数据外,网站制作协策网络seo日常的工作也是非常重要的,seo优化人员都应该记录下来,不管是从事seo行业的哪一个职位都是如此。友情链接专员统计数据包括:对方网站的情况、交换的时间、友情链接的关键词、对方的联系方式等;外链专员对应该对外链质量(包括外链发布的场所及外链的形式)、链接发布的时间等进行统计,有了一个明确的数据表格看上去就一目了然,不管对于主管的绩效考核,还是自己对于网站的一个分析数据分析,需要的时候都可以随打开观察,看看没有数据分析的结果是怎么样的:Apart from statistics websites some the data, website system for attracting network seo daily work is also very important, seo optimize their should record down, no matter be engaged in the industry which seo position is so. Link popularity commissioner statistics include: the other party of the web site, exchange time, links keywords, the way to contact each other; The commissioner for foreign chain chain should be quality (including the chain of the place and the release of the chain form), the time of links release statistics, have a clear data form look just be clear at a glance, and no matter the competent for the performance assessment, or their for one of your analysis data analysis, and when necessary, can be observed with open and see no data analysis what was the outcome of the: 用图片来描述可能会让很多朋友更容易理解,就是当网站出现一些好的状况或者不好的状况时,自己都摸不着头脑,当主管问你时,只能说这个可能是因为xxx而引起的,那个估计是xxx所引起的,很多不确定的东西;如果我们能够把数据展示出来,那我们就有据可依,或许可以寻找造成网站不良状况的根源,从而进行改进。数据统计之所以这么重要,但偏偏很多seo人员却忽视它,造成seo人员不愿意统计的原因主要有两点:With the picture to describe will probably make a lot of friends easier to understand, is when the website appears some good status or bad when the state, are confused, when competent ask you, can only say this may be because of the XXX and cause, the estimate is XXX arising out of, a lot of uncertainty; If we can show the data, then there is the according to can depend on, perhaps can look for the root cause website bad conditions, thus to improve. Statistics is so important, but what many seo personnel ignores it, cause seo staff are not willing to statistics it is mainly caused by the two points: 第一、觉得这是做个主管看的(Think this is to be a competent to read)主管要求数据统计,很多seo人员没把它放在心上,认为这是做给主管看的,对自己是丝毫没有作用的。其实这对于双发都有利的,主管是为了考察你的工作而做的,甚至他们也需要对你这边的数据进行一个统计和分析;而对于自己有了明确的数据支持,可以提升自己的分析能力和seo的一个经验,只有不断的总结与分析数据,才能够让自己在这方面做得更出色。这一块如果缺少了数据分析,那么导致的后果将是所有不可控因素的增加,这样对于一个优化方案来说是不利的,我们应该在优化过程中多做好数据统计,这样才能掌控优化的过程,达到优化的目的。Competent require the data statistics, many seo staff didn't take it to heart, think this is done to the competent to see, to oneself is no effect. In fact this is good for growing, the competent to examine your work and do it, even they also need to you on the data in a statistics and analysis; For they have clear data support, can promote the analysis ability and seo's a experience, only constant summary and analysis data, can make myself in this respect do better. This one if lack of data analysis, then lead to the consequences will be all the increase of the controlled factor, thus, for an optimized scheme that is bad, we should be in the optimization process more data statistics do, so that we can control the process of optimizing, achieve the purpose of optimization. 第二、怕麻烦,发了还要统计浪费时间(Afraid of trouble, the hair also statistical waste of time)这是大多数seo新手都有的观点,认为发了外链还要统计,实在是太麻烦了,我们的目标不就是把关键词做上去吗?统计那些有什么用,我们只要加大我们的外链发布量就行了。看上去似乎有点道路,但如果没有数据的统计,我们知道哪些外链有收录、哪些外链被删除、哪些外链对关键词排名取到作用的吗?这些都只能凭自己的感觉猜测了。This is most seo newcomers some viewpoint, thought that an outside the chain and statistics, is too much trouble, our goal is to key words do not go up? What's the use of those statistics, as long as we increase our chain of the release will do. Look seem a little road, but if no data statistics, we know what the chain, which has included the chain be deleted, which the chain of keywords ranking to take effect? These are only in their feelings guess. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn



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