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这几天,就为一事烦恼,那就是新的信息门户的版面设计,给客户出了三个版面方案,虽然每次客户都说不错,但还是会挑出些骨头来,这对于一个不是很顶尖的美工设计来说是经遇到的事情,所以,经过这个方案,总结出了以下八个建议These days, it's trouble for, and that is the new information portal page design, to the customer out of the three layout scheme, although each client all say good, but still will pick out some of the bone, this to a not very top art design by the things it is met, so, after the plan, and sums up the following eight Suggestions 1、 整体风格的色调问题:Integral style tonal problems: 一个好的美工,在色彩运用方面都有自己独到之处。然后,这个独到,也不是一定是对的。因为你得结合行业的一些参考和接受客户的要求,比如说现在这个站,主色是蓝色,以淡蓝、红色为辅。具体的配色方案就得看个人对颜色的敏感度了。A good artists, in colour application has its own unique. Then, the original and not must be right. Because you have to combined with some of the reference and accept the industry the requirements of customers, for example, now this station, the main color is blue, with pale blue, red as auxiliary. Specific color scheme will have to see to the sensitivity of the individual color. 2、 线条与边框的规划:And the border of the line planning: 当第一个方案提交上去后,客户问了一句"你对整个站点的线条与边框是怎样规划的?"虽然我自问是个能说会道的美工,但第一次遇到这么专业的客户,我楞了几秒钟,我说"我设计时按我的思路来设计的,颜色都是统一的。"果然,客户不是很高兴,然后谈了大半个小时之后,叫我回来再做一下修改。When the first plan submitted to go up, the customer asked 1 "you to the entire site line and border is how to plan?" Although I ask myself is a home-bred artists, but first met so professional customer, I stare blankly for several seconds, I said "I design according to my thought to design, color is united." Sure enough, the customer is not very happy, and then talk about a half hour later, call me back and do some modification. 所以我就认为,在做这类网站之前,必须要做一个文字性的规划方案,至于有什么好处,后面会详细的介绍。So I think that in doing this kind of web site, must do a characters of the planning scheme, as for what good, there will be introduced in detail. 3、 标题的设计Of the title of the design 在这一块,是最头痛的。因为文字的栏目特别的多,所以文字排版就得有独到之处了。In the piece, is the most of a headache. Because of the special columns of text, so text typesetting would have to have special. 因为这个得考虑可用性,浏览者看你的网站,大半天都找不到入口,那肯定是一个失败之作!所以,文字标题的字体及间距是要区分开来的。大的标题也要做得醒目些。Because this must consider availability, visitors look at your website, big can't find the entrance, that must be a failure in the making. So, the text of the title of the font and spacing is to distinguish. Big titles also to do some strikingly. 4、 图片新闻的图片要统一规划:Pictures of the pictures to news of unified planning: 信息类的门户网站建设,就会遇到图文并茂的情况。所以考虑到后期的可维护性和网站建设的整体美观,建议把整站的图文信息的图片都做成一样的图片大小,OK,这是很美观的,但是问题就接着出来了,就是排版布局,因为你的文字显示的不一样,图片大小却是一样的,所以想要各模块都对齐的话,那就得认真的考虑图片的尺寸大小了。Information portal construction, will meet with pictures of the situation. So consider the maintainability of the late and the web site of the whole beautiful, suggested that the ZhengZhan and information of the pictures are made the same photo size, OK, this is very beautiful, but the question is then came out, and is typesetting layout, because you are not the same as that of the text, photo size was the same, so want to each module are aligned word, that will have to seriously think about the size of the picture. 5、 AD广告位AD advertising a. 刚开始时,我做了3个大横幅的广告BANNER,客户问我为什么要放那些图片呢,我说这是AD广告,用来帮客户帮自己做广告宣传,增加收益的。客户一听,马上就高兴了,来了兴趣,就增加到了5个广告位。所以,在我看来,广告位是必不可少的啦,呵呵,或多或少,呵呵。At the beginning, I did three large banners advertising BANNER, client asked me why I should put those pictures? I said this is AD advertising, used to help customers help advertisement increases the income. The customer a listen to, immediately was glad, to the interest, they increased to 5 advertising a. So, in my opinion, advertising a is an indispensable! Ha ha, more or less, ha ha. 6、TITLE 标题图片TITLE pictures 这个标题图片,是指每个标题前用一个小图片,呵呵,一来美观,二来能突出一些标题的重要性。本来我是不愿意加的,但后来看了不少相关的网站,发现他们都用了小图片,所以也试着尝试一下,就放了几个上去,整体看来,效果还真不错呢,呵呵This title picture, it is to point to each title with a small picture before, ha ha, a beautiful, and secondly can highlight some of the title of the importance. I had not willing to add, but then to see many related website and found they used a small picture, so try to try and put a few go up, as a whole, the effect is really nice, ha ha 7、友情链接专区Links section 开始客户很不接受这个,因为他想呀,我为什么要为别人做链接,后来听我解释说有于网站获得更多的seo的PR和流量,呵呵,他就同意了,毕竟这个站要想得到更多的PR值,除了本身站点的一些优化和内链外,还得借助外链。Customers are not accept this started, because he wanted to ah, why should I do for another link, then listen to my explanation says there is in web site for more PR and flow, ha ha, he will agree to, after all, the station to get more PR value, in addition to some of the optimization and the site itself in the chain, also are using the chain. 8、写一个详细的文字规划:Write a detailed text plan: 这一步挺重要的,因为你整个版面方案设计出来后,做成DIV+CSS的格式,那之后呢?当然是程序员写程序啦,但是如果你能为程序员提供一份有价值的文字规划方案,那么他们在做程序的同时,就会注意到一些细节,比如:哪些地方用什么颜色,哪些地方的效果是什么样的,字体和图片又是怎样排版的等等。所以说,这个文字规划是一定得做的。This step is important, because you the whole layout scheme design comes out, make DIV + CSS format, then? Of course is programmers write programs now, but if you can provide a valuable programmers writing planning program, so they do program in at the same time, you will note that some details, such as: what place with what color, what is the effect of what kind of, fonts and pictures and what the typesetting, etc. So, this text planning is must do. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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