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北京网站建设公司商企云:网站对于任何人都不陌生,在这样一个网络高速发达的时代,网站就意味着实力和品牌。尤其对于那些希望通过网络途径来扩展营销之路的企业,网站建设对于他们来说是重中之重。可是如何才能建设好一个即有利于营销而又能标榜自身实力和品牌的网站呢? The Beijing website construction company Luxuries: Chinese website for anyone not unfamiliar, in such a high speed network age, site means that the strength and brand. Especially in the hope that through the network means to expand the marketing of enterprises, construction sites for them is the priority among priorities. But how to construct a conducive to marketing and flaunt oneself actual strength and brand website? 在建站之初,我们就必须要考虑到网站的营销性,一个符合条件的网站要考虑到很多方面的因素,但是最终的目的都是将网站的流量转化成为真正的客户。当然,凭借一个人的力量要想完成一个完美的网站是不够的,必须在建站之初多收纳建议和经验,才能保障网站的良性建设。流量转换的一个首要条件就是要有一个良好的用户体验。客户就是来到网站浏览和购买的用户,只有让他们看到自己想要的,找到自己想买的,他们才会给你订单,这样才能完成流量的转换。那么:网站如何才能把用户体验做到极致呢? In the beginning of establishment, we must consider to website marketing, an accord with the conditions of the site must consider many factors, but the final purpose is to site traffic into real customers. Of course, by virtue of the power of one person to complete a perfect site is not enough, must be in the station at the beginning of many receive advice and experience, can guarantee the benign construction site. Flow conversion of a first requirement is to have a good user experience. The customer is to the website and purchased by the user, only to let them see you want, find themselves want to buy, they will give you your orders, so that you can complete the conversion rate. So how can the user experience: site to the extreme? 所谓用户体验就是用户在是使用产品过程中建立起来的一种纯主观感受。用户体验主要体现在让产品有用、能用、和易用三个方面。让产品有用既是满足客户的需求;能用则是指网站的各个链接都正常,没有致命的BUG;易用是指操作起来方便,快捷,这非常关键。掌握以上三个点,再细化实践,提升用户体验亦非难事。 User experience is the user is using the product process established a pure subjective feelings. The user experience is mainly reflected in the product, can be useful, and ease of use in three aspects. Let a product useful both to meet customer demand; can use refers to the site of the various links are normal, no fatal BUG; easy to use refers to the operation is convenient, quick, it is critical. The above three points, further practice, enhance the user experience is not difficult. 1、 网站的访问速度: Site access speed: 提到网站的访问速度,大家都比较感同身受,因为我们也无时无刻不在访问者其他的网站。就拿我以前的一个的双线虚拟主机的网站来看,由于合租空间的问题,一个月会有两次打不开网站的情况,速度慢的像蜗牛,打开一个网站要5到10秒不等。这样的一个速度,你会等待吗?后来,接手网站后的第一件事情我就调换了服务器。所以,服务器一定要给力,不然网站做的再好,也留不住客户,没有客户就无法提高网站流量,也就无从谈起用户体验了。 Refer to site access speed, all the more sympathetic, because we are not on the other site visitors every hour and moment. Take one of my former site ( www.glbuys.com ), as a result of flat-share space problems, a month will have two open site, slow as a snail, open a website to be 5 to 10 seconds before. Such a speed, will you wait? Later, took over the site after the first thing I would exchange server. So, the server must be awesome, or website to do better, can not keep the customers, no customers will not be able to increase website flow, also mentioned the user experience. 2、 网站的风格和域名 Web style and the domain name 访问一个网站最常用的方法是通过域名,所以域名也是用户认识和了解我们的第一步。简单、好记、有特殊意义、符合搜素习惯等等,都是我们要考虑的因素。 Visit a web site the most common method is by domain, so the domain name is the user awareness and understanding of our first step. Simple, easy to remember, have special significance, consistent with the search habit and so on, we have to consider the factors. 网站的风格,首先要与产品和企业文化相契合。作为一个企业的门户,应该以简洁、大气为主、能够突出重点,也就是我们的服务和产品。颜色方面要选择稳重,淡然的色调。 Web style, first with the product and the enterprise culture fit. As an enterprise portal, should be concise, atmosphere, to highlight key points, which is our service and products. Color to choose sedate, indifferent tone. 3、 网站内容和布局 Site content and layout 网站内容是决定网站是否被客户所接受以及流量转换是否成功的又一大核心要点。网站首先要对客户有帮助,也就是我们常说的要让客户看到想要找的东西和资源。一般一个客户进入网站,停留的时长和是否转换都取决于我们的网站内容,可见网站内容的重要性,建议做成UEO营销型网站建设。 Site content is determined whether the site is accepted by customers and flow conversion is successful and a core point. Web site first to help customers have, is what we often say to let customers see want things and resources. In general a customer enters the site, the length of stay and whether conversion depends on our website content, website content and the importance of visible, suggest to make UEO marketing website. 网站的布局也是不可忽视的建站重点。根据相关机构对人眼的动作轨迹进行追踪发现,用户对于不同站点上的浏览行为有明显的一致性。一般情况下,用户都是习惯从上到下,从左至右的这样一个顺序来浏览和扫视网页内容,根据运行轨迹来看,人眼第一关注的位置应该是在网站的左边偏上的部分,就像一个”F”,这样可以增加用户体验也有利于seo网站优化,例如谷歌的搜索结果出现的“金三角”现象。 Layout of the site is not to be ignored in the establishment of key. According to the relevant agencies of the eye movement trajectories were traced to different sites, users browse behavior to have apparent consistency. In general, users are accustomed to from top to bottom, from left to right for such an order to browse and saccade webpage content, according to the running track, the first concern of human eye location should be at the site of the left side part, like a " F ", this can increase the user experience the benefit of SEO website optimization, such as Google search results appear in the " Golden Triangle phenomenon". 了解了“F”现象之后,结合对目标群体的分析结果,在页面布局方面主次分明,突出重点,就不难设计出好的网站架构了。 Understanding of the " F " phenomenon, based on the analysis results of target groups, in the page layout clear priorities, outstanding key, it is not difficult to design a good site architecture. 网站结构及页面设计的小总结: The website structure and page design summary: (1)页面导航方面:导航条清晰明了、突出,层级分明。 ( 1): page navigation navigation clear, outstanding, hierarchical. (2)图片展示方面:比例协调、不变形,图片清晰。图片排列既不过于密集,也不会过于疏远。 ( 2) the picture show: proportion, no deformation, the picture is clear. Picture arrangement is neither too dense, never too far. (3)图标使用方面:简洁、明了、易懂、准确,与页面整体风格统一。 ( 3) the use of simple, straightforward: icon, easy, accurate, and the whole page style. (4)广告位设计方面:避免干扰视线,广告图片符合整体风格,避免喧宾夺主。 ( 4) advertising design: avoid the interference of line of sight, advertisement picture was consistent with the overall style, avoid distracting. (5)按钮设置方面:对于交互性的按钮必须清晰突出,以确保用户可以清楚地点击。 ( 5) button set : for an interactive button must be clear and outstanding, to ensure that users can clearly click. (6)站内搜索方面:搜索提交后,显示清晰列表,并对该搜索结果中的相关字符以不同颜色加以区分。 ( 6) search: search after submission, clear display a list of search results, and the relative characters with different colors to distinguish between. (7)栏目命名方面:与栏目内容准确相关,简洁清晰,不宜过于深奥。 ( 7) the column names: and the column content accurate, concise and clear, not too deep. 其实对一个网站做一次用户体验分析是很细很累的活,但是意义却很大,尤其对年销售额上千万级的电子商务网站而言,用户体验做好了,转化率能增加千分之一那就能促进数百上千万的销售额,必须引起足够重视。 In fact, on a site to do an analysis of user experience is very fine very tired of living, but is very significant, especially for the annual sales of tens of millions of electronic commerce website, user experience is done, the conversion rate can increase 1/1000 that can promote the hundreds of thousands of sales, must cause enough attention. 4、 能够给用户提供便利和互动 Users can provide convenience and interaction 用户在网站上找到需要的产品的同时,可能会有很多新的疑问出现,例如,颜色,质量,尺寸等等。这个时候一定要能够帮助客户解决问题,才会留住客户的“脚步”。所以,网站上的在线留言以及在线客服是非常重要的部分,这些互动平台一定要放在网站的显眼位置。 Site users to find the products at the same time, there may be many new questions arise, for example, color, quality, size and so on. This time must be able to help customers solve problems, will retain customers "footsteps ". Therefore, online message and online customer service is a very important part, the interactive platform must be placed in a conspicuous position of website. 5、 清晰的网站导航 Clear navigation 网站的导航在整个站点中起到一个灯塔的作用,使用户在浏览我们的网站时不至于迷路。可以通畅的到达每一个想要到达的页面,也是提升用户体验的要素。 The site navigation throughout the site to a lighthouse, enabling users to browse our website will not get lost. Can open to each desired page, but also enhance the elements of user experience. 事实上,互联网用户浏览网页的习惯和顾客浏览商店中物品的习惯没有多大差别。用户打开一个新的页面,扫视一些文字,并点击第一个引起他兴趣的链接。在这过程中,页面上有大量的区域用户甚至完全没有看过。大部分用户在页面上寻找他感兴趣且可点击的内容,一旦发现目标,点击行为就会发生,但如果页面不符合期望,后退或关闭按钮也将马上被点击。 In fact, Internet users browse webpage habits and customer browse store items in the habit of not much difference. The user opens a new page, saccade some text, and click on the first interested him link. In this process, the page has substantial regional users didn't even read. Most users in the page to find his interest and can click on the content, once found, click behavior will occur, but if a page does not meet expectations, the back or the close button will immediately be click. 1.大部分时候用户并非在阅读屏幕上的内容,而是在扫视。 Most of the time the user is not in reading the contents of the screen, but in the saccade. 用户习惯扫视和快速寻找页面上一些能够引导他理解内容的关键点。 Users are accustomed to saccades and quick search page to guide him to understand the content key point. 2.不要考验用户的耐心 Don't test your patience 当一个页面不能满足用户的期望时,离开就在所难免。希望通过添加相关内容来丰富页面和留住用户往往效果不佳甚至适得其反。一屏页面上承载的信息越多,认知的负担就会越重,就需要花费更多的时间去处理信息,如果这些信息中还有些不是用户期望的,那就还要花额外的精力将这些多于信息从注意力中剥离。 When a page is unable to meet the expectations of users, to leave it can hardly be avoided. Hope that by adding relevant content rich pages and retain users often ineffective or even run counter to one's desire. A screen page carries more information, cognitive load is heavier, you need to spend more time to process information, if the information is also some not desired by the user, it will spend the extra energy to these more than information from attention away. 3. 用户并不做最佳选择 The user does not do the best choice 用户并不是在搜寻找到最佳选项的最快途径,他们也并非用线性的方式来阅读屏幕上的内容(有顺序地从一个模块到另一个模块)。当用户找到第一个合理的选项,或者一旦找到了可能的目标内容,“立即点击”或“开始阅读”的可能性会非常大。其实,用户是在寻找能让他们觉得有用或者合适的内容,而非寻找最佳的选择,理由也很直观:我们不是用户的孩子,他不会关心我们的一切,他只是希望获取他想要的信息,然后走人。 The user is not in the search to find the best option is the fastest way, they are not in a linear way to read the contents of the screen ( in order from one module to another module ). When the user find the first reasonable option, or once found a possible target content, " immediately click " or " start reading " possibility is very large. In fact, the user is looking to make them feel useful or appropriate content, instead of looking for the best choice, the reason is intuitive: we are not the child user, he does not care about us all, he just wants to get what he wants, then leave. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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