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用户体验,英文叫做User Experience,缩写为UE或者UX。一种纯主观的在用户访问一个网站或使用一个产品(服务)的过程中建立起来的心理感受。他们的印象和感觉,是否成功,是否享受,是否还想再来/使用。他们能够忍受的问题,疑惑和BUG的程度。因为它是纯主观的,就带有一定的不确定因素。个体差异也决定了每个用户的真实体验是无法通过其他途径来完全模拟或再现的。 User Experience, English is called the User Experience, abbreviation for UE or UX. A kind of pure subjective in users access to a web site or use a product (service) is the process of set up psychological feeling. Their images and feelings, whether or not successful, whether enjoy, whether also wanted to come to/use. They can endure problems, doubt, and the extent of the BUG. Because it's pure subjective, he has some uncertain factors. Individual differences also decided to each user's real experience is not through the other way to fully simulation or reproduction. 虽然是一种主观感受,但是对于一个界定明确的用户群体来讲,其感受会有诸多相似之处,因此,用户体验的共性能够为设计者所把握,可以通过良好设计实验来认识到,针对这种主观感受的优化则被称为UEO。UE充斥在社会的各行各业,走在前面的如世界企业500强,他们很早之前就开始研究这些,这几年开始,中国的一部分企业开始受到跨国公司的启蒙,尝试做一些客户体验的活动,吸引客户去做新产品的体验,进而达到多销的目的。 Although it is a kind of subjective feeling, but for a definition clear user groups speaking, the feeling will be many similarities, therefore, the user experience for the designers of the common to have sure, can through good design experiments to realize, in this kind of subjective feeling of optimization is called UEO. UE in society with people from all walks of life, going in front of the such as the world top 500 enterprises, long before they began to study these, this years to start, part of China enterprise begins to be multinational enlightenment, try to do some customer experience activities, to attract customers to do new product experience, and then reach the purpose of many sale. IT行业一直都是处于最显眼的位置,是新、奇、特的代表行业,对网络而言,新技术的不断开发使得互联网的发展如“凌波微步”一般快速向前,几年就是一个时代的说法尤其适用于互联网产业。web2.0时代,宽带网络时代,使得互联网是这般多姿多彩,人们足不出户即可享受精彩。而对散布在互联网中的数以亿计的网站制作而言,这既是好事,又是坏事,好的是新技术使产品得以全方位展示,坏的是所有产品都可以全方位展示,如何让客户看到自己的产品成为一个重要的问题。 The IT industry has been in the most conspicuous position, is new, strange, special representative of the industry, network is concerned, the continuous development of new technology makes the development of the Internet as "ling2 Po wei2 a step" general fast forward, a few years is an era of statement especially applicable to the Internet industry. Web2.0 era, broadband network times, make the Internet is so colorful, people never leave home to enjoy wonderful. And to spread on the Internet for the hundreds of millions of web site, it is both good and bad, good is new technology products to omni-directional demonstration, and the bad is all products are can omni-directional demonstration, how to let the customer to see their products to become an important problem. 一、网站用户体验不用友好的困素: Web user experience not friendly trapped element: 用一些图片及Flash,可以增加网站的生动性,增加视觉冲击力。但无限制的使用Flash及图片,会造成页面文件超大,占用浏览者的CPU资源,并且不利于页面更新及搜索引擎对网站的抓取。企赢营销在服务企业客户时也会遇到纯Flash的整站首页网站,建议网站建设过程中要考虑视觉效果的同时,把优化的因素重视起来。 With some pictures and Flash, can increase the vitality of the web site, increase vision wallop. But unlimited use Flash and pictures, can cause page large files, take up the visitor's CPU resources, and to go against the page updated and search engine to web site to grab. Enterprise marketing in the service enterprise customer win when also can meet the ZhengZhan pure Flash home page web site, advice website construction process to consider visual effect, at the same time, the optimization of factors seriously rise. 1、网站页面过长 Web page too long 你认为有多少浏览者有兴趣看你网页中最下面的内容,不要拿自己来作比喻,因为99%以上的人才刚学会上网。 Do you think how many visitors are interested in watching you most in the content of the page below, don't compare yourself to make parable, because more than 99% of the talent just learn to surf the Internet. 在王建硕的一篇文章中提到:“1995年Jakob Neilson做的互联网用户调查,美国的用户在1994年的时候,只有10%的用户会拖动浏览器右边的滚动条,而绝大多数,90%的用户,打开一个网站,只看浏览第一屏看到的内容,就以为看到了全部,而不会向下滚动。” In WangJianShuo in an article mentioned: "1995 Jakob Neilson do Internet user surveys, America's users in 1994, only 10% of the users will drag the browser on the right of the scroll bars, and the vast majority, 90% of the users, to open a website, only to see the first screen see content browsing, think that he saw the whole, and won't scroll down." 现在中国也有这样的人,而且为数不少。在一个网站的首页,能看到第三屏内容的人只有10%以下,一个过长的网站很容易引起浏览者的视觉疲劳,更何况大部分浏览者很有可能已经被前两屏的内容吸引到别的页面去了。 Now China is also such, and a few. In a the website homepage, can see only the third screen content below 10%, a long web site is easy to cause the visitor's visual fatigue, and what's more, most of the visitors are likely to have been the first two screen content attracted to other pages. 2、不友好的导航 Don't friendly navigation 不友好的导航是最影响用户操作的,不能让用记很方便的找到自己想到的内容。用户来到一个页面不知如何返回上一页,不知道当前页面是在哪个栏目下的,这样的网站很可能用户来了一次就不会再来了。 Don't friendly navigation is the influence of user operations, don't let the use of very convenient to find their own record of content. The user to a page doesn't know how to return to previous page, don't know the current page is what column in the, this website is likely to users to a will not to come again. 3、过期的信息 Old information 很久不更新的信息,很容易让浏览者感到反感,而且在心中也会对你这个网站的品牌形象大打折扣。 For a long time not updated information, it is easy to let your visitors feel disgusted, and in the heart of this website will be your brand image to sell at a discount greatly. 4、死连接或连接错误 Die connection or a connection error 这个就不说了,这是最基本的错误,但是好些还有这样的错误,包括新浪这种大网站。 This is not to say, this is the most basic errors, but many still have such mistakes, including sina this large web sites. 5、孤立的页面 Isolated page 用户不知用什么方法返回首页,这种情况往往是出现在信息提示页或内容调查的结果页上。 Users do not know with what method to return to the home page, this kind of situation is often appear in the information clew page or content of the investigation result page. 6、缺少互动的内容 The content of the lack of interaction 缺少互动的内容,缺少网友的参与,不能让网友表达情感和思想,注定这个网站只是个死网站。 The content of the lack of interaction, the lack of a net friend participation, can't let netizen express feelings and ideas, destined to this web site is just a dead website. 7、恶意插件,恶意弹出窗口 Malicious plug-ins, malicious pop-up Windows 二、如何进行用户体验优化 How to optimize the user experience 上面列举了一部份常见的对用户不友好的方式,下面我们来看看如何进行网站用户体验优化。 Listed above some of the common user not friendly way, we come to see how the web site user experience optimization. (一)、根据用户的登录网站的第一感受,对网站进行优化 According to the user's web site on the first feeling, perform site optimization 1、 域名是否简洁易记。 Domain name is concise and to remember. 2、 网页打开速度:影响网页打开的速度有很多方面的原因,要全力避免自我可控的情况造成网页打开速度过慢。比如保证服务器的稳定、页面图片的大小和数量不要太大太多,可用背景色的尽量避免使用图片、减少flash的数量、网页代码尽量用简洁语句,清理注释和无用的换行空格等。 Web page open speed: influence the speed of the open web page have a lot of reasons, and will do everything to avoid the controllable by self web page open speed too slow. Like a guarantee the stability of the server, page picture size and quantity does not want too big too much, can use the background color of trying to avoid using pictures, reduce the number of flash, as far as possible with concise statement web page code, clean up the comments and useless line feed Spaces, etc. 3、 页面宽度:目前用户显示器从17寸到22寸以上的不等,宽度的设计需要根据目前主流的显示器尺寸制定。设计过窄用户会感觉页面空挡,设计过宽用户会浏览不全网页内容。 Page width: at present the user from 17 inch display to 22 inches above differ, width design need according to the current mainstream formulated screen size. Design of a narrow users will feel page neutral, design is too wide users will review is not all web content. 4、 网站的整体设计风格:当页面打开后,能给用户最直观的印象的是网站的色彩,在网站的色彩上,保持与企业品牌形象的统一;在色彩的使用上无特殊需求不要超过三种颜色,如有三种颜色要尽量不将红、黄、蓝三色进行搭配;另一方面设计风格上要符合用户的浏览习惯,如导航部分位置和展示样式的设计,注册登录框位置和样式的设计,页脚内容的设计等,需要按照大多数用户一贯的浏览习惯来设计。 The website whole design style: when the page is opened, can give users the most intuitive impression is site colour, in website on colour, keep and enterprise brand image, the unification of the In the use of colors no special needs not more than three kinds of color, if have 3 kinds of color to try not to red, yellow, and blue undertake collocation; On the other hand design style to fit the user browsing habits, such as navigation part of the design of the position and display style, registered login box position and the style of design, footer, the design of the content and so on, needs according to most users always browsing habits to design. 5、 网站品牌的标注:网站需要在用户打开页面的第一时间让用户了解 “我是谁”,以保证提醒用户是否进入了用户需要的正确的网站。一般的做法就是在网站的合适位置添加网站logo,和在浏览器标题栏添加logo。 Website brand mark: web site in the user to open the page to the first time let users understand who we are, and to ensure that remind if users into the user need correct web site. Common practice is in the proper place to add web site logo, and in the browser title bar add logo. 6、 网站导航栏目的架构:当用户知道“我是谁”之后,用户的需求是要了解“我能帮你做什么”,那么制作一个清晰的网站导航和功能鲜明的栏目架构是一个回答这个问题的最好方式。 The structure of the site navigation column: when the user know who we are after, the demand of user is to understand "what can I do for you," then making a clear navigation and function section of the distinctive architecture is one of the best way to answer this question. 7、 广告位优化:广告位的设计一方面要避免与网站主要内容和功能冲突,影响用户对网站的正常使用,如目前几个大型网站中覆盖大半屏的层广告,直接挡住了用户要选择的链接和内容,不得不等广告自动消失后才能正常使用。另一方面不宜设置过多的广告位,商业广告过于浓厚会使用户对网站产生烦感。 Advertising a optimization: advertising a design on the one hand to avoid and website main content and function conflict, the influence of the site's users normal use, such as at present a few large sites covered in the half of advertising, blocking the user to choose directly links and content, have to wait for the advertising disappear automatically to normal use. On the other hand is unfavorable setting too much advertising a, commercial advertisement is too thick to web site users will have vexed feeling. (二)、用户使用网站的感受(User use the site of feeling) 当用户已经了解“我是谁”“我能帮你做什么”之后,那么用户下一步就是开始使用网站的功能。接下来就是关于用户使用网站感受的优化。 When the user has understand "who am I" "what can I do for you" after, so the user the next step is to start using the functionality of the site. The next step is to use the web site about the user experience of optimization. 1、 注册流程优化:给用户展示注册流程,让用户在注册前即可了解注册过程会很简洁;简化注册内容,与登录不相关的内容可在注册成功后由用户选择是否“完善个人资料”;注册或完善资料的内容尽量保证让用户多选择,少填写的原则;提交后需要有清晰的提示,是否注册成功,注册成功后可以做哪些事情,如果注册未成功,是什么原因、在重新填写注册信息时尽量避免不必要的内容的重复填写等。 Registration process optimization: to show the user registration process, let users can understand before register registration process will be very concise; Simplified registration content, and not related to the content can login in registration successful by the user choose whether to "improve personal material"; The registration or perfect the content of the material as far as possible let users that many to choose from, the principle of less fill in; After a clear need to submit the tip, whether registered success, registration successful can do what thing, if the registration without success, what is the reason, in to fill out the registration information to avoid unnecessary repeat fill in the content. 2、 链接的优化:页面内容中的链接,需要清晰的让用户看到,如新浪给链接文字使用蓝色下划线,用户可清晰了解哪些内容是可以点击进入另一个页面的;另外链接的样式选择上,一般文字性、内容性的链接可选择文字链接,功能性的链接可选择按钮链接,活动、广告、宣传内容的可选择图片链接。第三就是要明确标注用户的已读链接,使用户可以不必要产生重复的点击。 The optimization of the link: the page content links, need to clear let users see, such as sina to link underline text use blue, the user can clearly understand what content is can click on to another page; Another link style selection, the general characters of content, links to choose text links, functional link can select button links, activities, advertising, promotional content can choose images. The third is to clear the read link has marked the user, the user can produce repeated click unnecessary. 3、 当前位置优化:一般情况下,在页面中部主要内容位置的头上设置一个清晰的路径链接,可以是用户更加清楚这是在哪个位置;另一方面当前位置的优化还需要优化域名目录,一级域名下的各级目录需要命名简介、规范、便于识别该目录的主要内容。 The current position optimization: usually, in the central position of the main contents page head set a clear path links, can be more clear this is the user which position; On the other hand the current position of the optimization also need to optimize domain name directory, level 1 domain name at all levels of the directory name introduction, norms, and need to identify the main content of the directory. 4、 层次优化:让用户从进入首页到进入用户的目标页面不要超过3层,层次越深流失的用户会越多。 Level optimization: let users from home page to enter into users' goals page not more than 3 layer, the deeper levels of the loss of the more users. 5、 各类提示优化:一方面,如有可能会让用户引起歧义或者不理解的位置中,添加各种样式的提示信息,如链接或图片的alt提示,弹出的层提示,或者直接在焦点位置一旁添加提示内容,让用户可以在使用过程中可以明确的了解网站内容和功能。另外很多人在做搜索引擎优化过程中,把大量的图片、文字链接、热点控件中加入了大量的alt信息,这就需要挑选出那些没有必要的信息进行精简或者删除,避免造成用户的茫然,这个优化也直接关系到网站打开速度。 All kinds of tip optimization: on the one hand, such as may allow the user to ambiguous or don't understand of position, add all sorts of styles to the message, like links or pictures Alt tip, the layer of the pop-up cues, or direct in focus position add prompt content aside, let users can in use process can clearly understand the content and function. In addition a lot of people doing search engine optimization process, put a lot of pictures, text links, hot control joined many Alt information, this needs singling out those who didn't have the necessary information to streamline or deleted, avoid to cause the user of vacant, the optimization is directly related to the website open speed. 6、 链接跳转窗口优化:目前打开链接后,新页面的展现方式有两种,一种是当前页面跳转,另一种是弹出新窗口展开新页面。在跳转方式的选择上需要进行沉重考虑,一般优化方式为打开内容列表页面或流程页面使用当前页面跳转,打开内容页面使用弹出页面跳转。 Links to jump window optimization: the currently opened after the link, the new page show means has two kinds, one kind is the current page jump, and the other is the pop-up Windows start new page. Jump in the choice of the ways of need to conduct heavy consideration, general optimization methods for open the content page or process list pages using the current page jump, open the content page use popup page jump. 7、 功能性栏目和内容性栏目的优化:两种栏目需要让用户更加容易的区分开,哪些板块内中的各个栏目是做什么的,避免内容功能混杂在一起。在位置的选择上需要根据网站的主要提供的产品或服务来决定主次。 Functional section and the content column optimization: two columns need to let users more easy to separate, each of the column in which plate does, avoid content function mixed together. In the position on the choice of the main according to the website to provide products or services to decide the primary and secondary. 8、 功能页面优化:在各类设置、收藏、订阅以及其他专业功能页面中,因功能不同可能页面会有一定差异,但一定要将功能流程、页面设计的相似,可以是用户不同功能是更加容易上手,避免了每一个功能都要重新学习。 Function pages optimization: in all kinds of Settings, collection, subscription and other professional function pages, in different function may have different page will, but must will function flow, page design is similar, can be user different function is more easy to use, to avoid the every function to have to learn. 9、 设置网站地图:设置网站地图,让用户更加清晰了解网站的整体结构,可以更加方便的找到自己想要的内容,另外设置网站地图对搜索引擎优化也是一个非常好的方法。 Set the site map: set the site map, let users more clearly understand the structure of the website, can be more convenient find what they want to content, and set up the site map to search engine optimization is also a very good method. 10、 设置站内搜索:无论是何种网站,建立一个站内搜索功能都是很有必要的,他可以节省用户大量的查找时间。当然站内搜索可以是关键字搜索或者是分类搜索等各种样式,用户都是会非常乐意的去使用。 Set in the station search: whatever the website, establish a stand inside the search function are very be necessary, he can save a lot of time users search. Of course in the station search can be a keyword search or classification of search pattern, users are both would be more than happy to to use. (三)、网站内容的优化(Optimization of the site's content) 1、 字体字样优化:网站整体的字体字样需要建立一个规范,链接文字、宣传文字、重点推荐、标题文字等等各类文字,都需要建立一个统一的标准。 Font on optimization: of your overall site font "needed to establish a standard, link text, publicity text, key recommendation, the headline and so on all kinds of words, all need to establish a uniform standard. 2、 图片优化:首先是整站图片各种技术属性需要有一个标准,如图片品质、相同尺寸图片的大小、格式等。第二点是在展示图片时是否添加表框、在图片文字应该添加到什么位置,图片下alt是否添加内容等也需要一个标准。第三是链接图片应该如何展示能让用户了解此图片下有链接也要建立标准。 Image optimization: first is the ZhengZhan pictures all sorts of technology attribute need to have a standard, such as picture quality, the same size picture size, format, etc. The second point is on the show pictures whether to add table box, in the photo character should be added to what position, under the picture content, whether to add Alt also need a standard. The third is a link images should be how to display can let users understand the pictures down with links to set up the standard. 3、 菜单、列表优化:菜单既是各个栏目的导航,首先需要将各栏目命名规范化,各个栏目命名字数尽量保持统一,并用最能使用户理解的自语。列表的优化也需要建立一个规范,如列表链接文字的字数限制,是否添加更新时间、链接头部标示图片统一等。 The menu, list optimization: each column navigation menu is, we first need to will each column named standardization, each column named characters try to maintain unity, in the most users to understand to himself. The optimization of the list also need to build a standard, such as the list of links text characters limit, whether to add update time and link head labeled the reunification of pictures. 4、 栏目优化:同样,页面中各个栏目中标题栏的图片、边框、框架大小及文字也要有统一的风格。 Column optimization: also, page each column of the title bar pictures, frame, frame size and words also want to have unified style. 5、 内容页面优化:内容页面中通常在建立统一的标题、文字、链接等规范之外,还需要有有翻页规范,页面内容不易过长。当长度或者字数到达一定量后需要建立翻页。另外建立相关内容越多引导机制,让用户不必重新切换页面即可继续浏览使用相关内容和功能。 The content page optimization: the content page usually in establishing a uniform title, text, such as links to regulate besides, still need to have a flip standard, the page content not easy too long. When the length or words to a certain amount to establish content. The more relevant content set up another leading mechanism, let the user does not need to switch can continue to use the page browse the content and function. (四)、其他优化(Other optimization) 1、 页脚内容优化:页脚内容一般包括备案信息、许可信息、网站介绍、联系方式、法律声明、帮助等,着一些列内容虽然位置并不显著,但是对于保证用户对网站的信任感上,是十分有必要的。 Footer content optimizing: the footer content general record information, including information web site license, the contact method, legal statement, help, although some column content position is not significant, but to ensure that users of the site's trust, is essential. 2、 常见问题解答(FAQ):问题、建议、意见,可第一时间了解用户的各种问题、需求、建议和意见,对于用户体验的优化是一个必不可好的栏目。 FAQ (FAQ) : the problem, suggestion, comment, but the first time users understand the various problems, needs, advice and opinion, for the optimization of the user experience is a must not good columns. 3、 友情链接:友情链接栏目在页面中不要展示过多链接,尽量选择文字链接;在友情网站的选择上也要注意选择知名度高、内容相同、相似或可共享用户的网站。 Link: links page don't display in the column of too many links, try to choose text links; In the choice of friendship website also want to pay attention to choose high reputation, same content, similar or can be Shared user's web site. 4、 会员功能优化:需要建立一套与非会员有区别的服务模式。 Member function optimization: need to establish a set of hardware, and there is a difference between service mode. 5、 数据统计:一定要使用或者设计一套完善网站数据统计系统,以便通过数据不断对网站各个方面进行分析和优化。 Statistics: be sure to use or design a perfect site statistics system, so that through the data continuously all aspects of the website analysis and optimization. 多则滥,一些站长为了赚广告联盟的钱,采用黑帽技术,无休止的建站,建立站群,很多网站做的真是糟糕之极,但某些关键词排名却稳居榜首,有着相当好的排名,一旦打开网页,便是满目苍夷,广告满天飞还算好的,很多站则是广告之中插入内容文字,真个是一个广告的海洋。应该感谢这些网站,让网民对广告的判断能力连升几级,如今一般形式的广告,网民基本都能判断,而一旦判断出是广告,大多时候都是恨之入骨,旋即关闭网页。当然,搜索引擎也不会等闲,一再提高过滤技术,提高判断能力,现在已经是依据内容来判断PR的形式,搜索疫情鼓励白帽,坚决打击黑帽,更有了沙盒,几个月的时间来考察一个网站,还会定期出新政策,这些做法都极大杜绝了垃圾站的进一步滋生。 Many are overcharging, some webmaster to make advertisement union money, the black hat technology, the endless site, establish standing group, a lot of the website is very bad, but some keywords ranking top but comfortably, has a good ranking, once the open the site, is a colorless yi, advertising all over the place is good, many stand is advertising insert content of text, the whole is a sea of advertising. Thanks to these sites, let users of judging ability of advertising even rise a few class, now general form of advertising, the netizen basic can judge, and the judge is advertising out once, most of the time are hated, immediately shut down web pages. Of course, the search engines will not neglect, rises again and again to filter technology, improve the judgement ability, has now is based on content to judge the form of PR, search epidemic encourage white hat, firmly attack black hat, more sand box, a few months time to examine a web site, will regularly new policy, these practices are great to eliminate the dumpster further growth. 随之而来的,通过白帽技术优化网站的站长们开始综合考虑提高网站排名的方法和影响排名的因素,这个时候,有人提出了用户体验度的观点,那就是,只有客户不反感你的网站才会做进一步停留,进而去看网站的其他内容,而能做到令用户驻足的基本几点是:网站速度、内容、网站结构、页面亲和度、互动等。这个观点得到了大部分站长的认同,它提供一种搜索引擎认可的做法,而且能提高网站的PR,保持网站排名的稳定,只是优化的时间要长一些。 Subsequent, through the white hat technology to optimize your webmaster are starting to improve the comprehensive consideration of the website ranking method and the influence factors of the rankings, this time, there was some user experience degrees point of view, that is, only customers don't dislike your site will make further stay, and then go to see the other website content, and can do it to stop some of the basic user is: web site speed, content, website structure, page accessible, interaction, etc. This view has been head of the most recognized, and it provides a search engine approved practices, and can improve your PR, maintain the stability of the website ranking, the optimization of the time just to some length. 通过以上对seo发展历程的叙述,大家可以看到,SEO的核心观念是一直在发展的,开始阶段是因为技术的不同而导致人们对SEO的误解,致使那种不尊重用户的网站大量出现。现在随着人们对SEO的深入了解,用户为中心的网站模式为人们所接受,在此技术的指引下,SEO会越发重视用户体验,相信不出几年,SEO将会发展成为一种以“用户体验”为中心的优化技术,届时,那些提前开始注意用户体验的站长们将会得到非常好的回报。 Through the above the development process of SEO narrative, as you can see, the core idea is always SEO in development, because the technology at the start of the resulting from people to the misunderstanding of the SEO, cause that don't respect the users' web site appear in large Numbers. Now, with the deep understanding of the people to the SEO, the user as the center website model to be accepted by people, in this technology, under the guidance of SEO will became interested user experience, believe that within a few years, SEO will become a "user experience" as the center of the optimization technology, at the appointed time, those who start to notice in advance of people will be the user experience will be very good returns. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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