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前面我也说过,但凡有一定成功的网站,站长一定付出了不少,要么脑力(技术、金点子、营销等),要么体力(找资料、采集、粘贴复制、修改维护等等),这都是成本啊。钱谁不想赚啊,但先得看看自己有没有这些资本。我们看看需要什么资本。I also had said before, if a certain successful website, adsense must pay a lot of, or mental (technology, gold ideas, marketing etc), or physical (looking for material, acquisition, paste copy, modify, maintenance, etc.), this is the cost. Who don't want to earn money ah, but first you have to look at these capital. We take a look at the capital. 1、点子,也就是策略。互联网中好多神话都是靠金点子来创造的。英国一个名叫亚历克斯-图学生的大胆创意是百万格子,他用10分钟建成一个拥有100万个格子组成的网站建设,一个格子卖100美元,买家可以在格子放置自己想放的任何东西,结果这个网站不久就真的价值百万了。还有就是Digg的创建人凯文•罗斯,一个孩子用18个月赚了6000万美元。这样的故事还很多。可见而知,一个点子的力量是多大。Ideas, also is the strategy. The Internet a lot of myths are to rely on gold idea to create. A British name is alex-figure of creative is a bold students grid, he built a 10 minutes with 1 million of grid web site, a grid of us $100, buyers can you want to put in place the grid any thing, the results the site soon really worth millions. And it is also the founder of Digg Kevin rose, a child in 18 months of $60 million. So the story also many. Visible and know, an idea of how much power is. 2、坚持,也是意志力。在看好一个点子后你能否坚持先去,用seo销售人员的话来说,胜利就在下一个拐角处。hao123的创始人李兴平,在中国互联网泡沫的时代默默无闻每天坚持几个小时检查链接的合法性,为广大网民提供导航服务。当大家都不知道李兴平的时候,hao123已经占据了国内的大部分电脑的浏览器首页。hao123应该是最成功的网站之一,用最简单的html创造了一个神话。当然除了坚持外,还得看你的点子是不是值得坚持。去年和群了一位朋友聊天,他说自己在开发微博,要自己建立微博。我说有必要吗,新浪腾讯你用哪个,你是那根葱啊。到现在坚持自己想法,真的无语。Insist, is also the willpower. In a good idea to first go after you can, with sales staff words, victory at the next corner. The founder of the hao123 LiXingPing, in China the era of the Internet bubble obscurity for several hours every day check the legitimacy of the link, for the majority of Internet users to provide navigation service. When you don't know LiXingPing, hao123 has occupied most of the computer's browser domestic home page. Hao123 should be one of the most successful web site, with the most simple HTML to create a myth. Of course in addition to adhere to the outside, still have to see your idea is worth insists. The last year and a group of a friend chat, he says he is in the development the bo, to build the Po. I said there was a need to you, sina tencent you do it, you are the root Onions ah. To now insist on your idea, really has no language. 3、资源,网络中除了信息就是信息,没有别的东西了。那你有什么呢?俗话说靠山吃山靠水吃水,你有的靠吗?比方说早几年前,下载是个比较热门的话题。有人喜欢看美帝国的电影,那看不懂听不懂怎么办,那就翻译啊。此时出现了许多盗版的美剧美国电影,成就一批人。到现在字幕组这个词还是很热的。除了影视,网络中的资源是千奇百怪的,别人需求的东西如果你有,那就是资源,明白吗!Resources and network information is in addition to information, no other things. That you have? The common saying say backer has mountain draft relying on water, you some by? For example a few years earlier, download is a hot topic. Some people like the look of the American film, that can't understand couldn't understand what to do, and then translated ah. At this time with a lot of piracy the TV show American movies, achievement a group of people. Now the word translation groups or very hot. In addition to film and television, network of resources is very strange, others demand things if you have, that is resources, you know! 4、技术,网站本身就是一个技术活,不管简单站还是复杂站,技术就是一个支撑。网站改版、增加功能、安全维护等等都需要技术支持。要么自己懂,要么有个懂的朋友。Technology, the site itself is a live, no matter simple or complicated station standing, technology is a support. Website version, increase function, maintaining security and so on all need technical support. Either you understand, or have a understand friend. 5、域名,有个像样的域名还是能起到不错的作用。比方土豆网的域名tudou.com,最早不是这个,而是toodou.com,土豆网成名后,tudou.com价值倍增,而土豆网也花了大价钱买回了这个域名。你有像样的域名吗?现在这年头,4位数以下的域名不管你怎么组合几乎都被人注册了,所以现在建站找个域名比找个媳妇难度大多了,所以想建站还是先找域名吧。Domain name, have a decent domain name or can have good role. For example the potato net domain name tudou. Com, not the first, but toodou. Com, potatoes, nets after becoming famous, tudou. Com value to multiply, and potatoes nets also spent big price bought the domain name. You have a decent domain name? Now this year, four digits of the domain name no matter how you combination is almost registered, so now resides find a domain name than find a daughter-in-law most difficult, so want to site or first find domain name it. 6、健康,网站的成长不是一朝一夕的时,冰冻三尺非一日之寒。一个网站从建立到盈利时间周期比较长,尤其是个人站长,熬夜、加班、久坐、活动少、虚胖等等健康问题都会有可能伴随你。你准备好了吗?Health, the website's growth is not happen overnight, Rome wasn't built in a day cold. A web site to profit from the establishment of the cycles of time is longer, especially personal webmaster, stay up late, overtime, sedentary, activities, and so on, was less puffed up less health problems will likely with you. Are you ready? 7、收入,现在建网站的成本的确很低,花不了多少钱,一个垃圾站上百元就可能搞定。但你有固定收入吗?你要是兼职做网站还可以,但要是专职做站,饭碗还是得考虑下。毕竟你的网站建好到盈利还有很长的路要走,就算盈利能养活你自己吗,家里的日常开销能应付吗?所以,你得仔细考虑。Income, now webmasters cost is low, doesn't spend much money, a dumpster hundreds of dollars could fix. But you have fixed income? If you do a part-time website also can, but if full-time do stand, your job is going to have to think about. After all, your web site to build to earnings still have a long way to go, even if profits can support you yourself?, the home of daily expenses can handle? So, you have to consider. 8、规划,应该是有两个,你一个人生的规划,你就想把你生活的重心放到网站上了吗?毕竟它有可能要占据你一天的三分之一;还有一个是就是网站规划了,一个想成功的网站有个优秀的网站规划能指导你建网站,能减少你修改网站布局的次数,能减少你维护时间,能缩短你从开始到盈利的时间等等。Planning, should have two, you a life of planning, you want to take your life in the center of gravity of the web site? After all, it may want to occupy one third of; Another is a website is planning, a successful website want to have a good website planning can guide you build website, can reduce you to change the number of web site layout, can reduce your maintenance time, can shorten your from start to earnings of time and so on. 其实应该还有一些,起码的就是心理准备,你能耐得住寂寞话很多时间精力耗在电脑旁吗,英雄寂寞这个适合每一个站长。冷笑一声,上面几条你都没有的话,就不要跟着凑热闹了,互联网中不缺少你那点娱乐新闻。It should still have some, at least is prepared, you can withstand lonely talk a lot of time and energy consumption in the computer? Hero lonely this for each a webmaster. Sneer at 1, article above a few you if not, don't follow join in the fun, the Internet without you not that bit of entertainment news. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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