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大多数人在有网站建设需求时,可能第一联想的就是建站公司。其实,除此之外还有几种网站建设的方式,下面,北京网站建设商企云针对这几种网站建设方式做一个简单的分析,让您对网站建设更加清晰明了。 Most people have a website construction in demand, may be the first lenovo's is the site. In fact, in addition, there are several website construction way, underneath, Beijing website construction is still product China against some of these website construction way to do a simple analysis, let you for your website construction more clear. 一、大企业自己建设网站(Big enterprise construction site) 像新浪、腾讯、百度这样的大网站是不可能直接使用织梦程序上线维护的,他们需要保持自己的特色。毕竟一个网站在功能上的差别也是其竞争力的一部分。大企业一般都有自己维护网站的部门,这种建站方式在it界比比皆是,他们有自己的技术团队,在这里汇聚着这一行业最精锐的技术人员。他们会投入大量的财力和精力进行开放新功能,他们的某些新功能甚至是网站建设者争相模仿的对象。这种建站方式的好处就是不断保持自己在互联网的领头羊地位,能够保持人无我有,人有我新的压倒式优势。但这种建站方式仅仅适合大企业,这里面的人力和财力投入更是一般的小企业难以企及的。 Like sina, tencent, baidu such large web sites is not likely to be directly use dream weaving process online maintenance, they need to keep their own characteristics. After all, a web site on the function of the difference is also part of its competitive power. Large enterprises generally have their own web site maintenance department, this site in the way it world abound, and they have their own technical team, gathered here in the industry's most elite technical personnel. They will spend a lot of money and energy to open new functions, some of their new function even site builders competing to imitate. This site is constantly keep the good way in leading position of the Internet, can maintain I have no one, have I new overwhelm type advantage. But this site only suitable for large enterprise way, the human and financial resources invested in here is the envy of general of small businesses. 二、专业建站公司提供建站服务(The company provides professional site service the station) 这种建站方式是网上最专业的建站方法之一。因为专业建站公司拥有丰富的专业知识和技术,能针对委托人的要求和想法实现既定功能,而且网站结构和针对搜索引擎的优化效果也非常不错。一般来说,这种网站外包的形式能将你想要的网站效果都可以实现。这种建站方式公司客户比较多,个人站长很少去使用这种方式,毕竟大多数个人站长钱包都不是很鼓。但是随着建站公司的不断增多,还有大量建站技术人员的加入,建站的价格也随之一降再降。不过,由于时下建站公司参差不齐,网站做出来的效果难免会差强人意。北京网站建设商企云建议您需要仔细对比,小心求证了。 This site is the most professional way online method of site. Because professional site company has the rich professional knowledge and technology, according to the requirements of the client can realize the set and ideas function, and the structure of the website and search engine optimization for effect also is very good. In general, the web site of the outsourcing of form to will the website you want effect can be realized. This site is more customers way company, personal adsense seldom go to use this way. After all, most personal adsense purse all is not very drum. But as the site of the company is on the increase, and a lot of technical personnel to join multiple, the establishment of the price is then a falling. However, due to the current site is uneven, the website to make effect will inevitably inferior. 三、原生态网站建站(The original ecological web site) 顾名思义,就是直接购买了域名和网站空间,再去网上下载CMS上传安装,一键生成全站,直接搞定。这种建站方式多见于没有建技术或者略懂建站知识的热爱建设网站的草根站长。他们只懂得修改一下网站标题、栏目和更换logo,但是技术的门槛挡不住他们对建站的热情。他们会通过不断地去摸索,在挫折中成长,最终成为建站高手。但是这种建站方式只适合那种敢于面对困难,敢于承担挫折的人,这是一群值得尊敬的草根站长。 As the name suggests, is directly buy the domain name and website space, then go to the Internet to download CMS upload installation, a key generating station, direct fix. This site in no way to build technology or know little about the site of love of the construction of the knowledge website grassroots adsense. They understand only revised web site, columns and replacement title logo, but the threshold of the technology can't hold them to the establishment of the enthusiasm. They will pass constantly fumble, grew up in frustration, and finally became master station. But the only way for that kind of multiple dare to face difficulty, dares to undertake the frustrations of the people, this is a group of respected grassroots adsense. 四、修改建站程序建站(Modification site resides program) 这种方式是通过修改主流的cms的手段来获得自己想要达到的网站效果。这一类建站方式主流人群是具有一定专业技术的站长和小企业网站。一般具有专业技术的小站长可以运用技术手段将一些主流的cms修改成自己需要的网站,企业主也可以使用少量的金钱寻求技术帮助。而如果专业知识不是很精通,仅能在原有cms基础上做一些网站板式和结构上的优化处理,对网站新功能增加上就无计可施了。另外,小企业建站很简单,就是做一个展示页面,塑造自己的公司形象。只要有公司简介、产品介绍和招聘页面即可,而且随便请几个人修一下模板就可以。但是,北京网站建设商企云温馨提醒,这种安全性不是很高,从长远来看,不是很可取,尤其针对企业网站。 This way is through the modification of the mainstream of the CMS means to make the website to effect. This kind of site is a certain way mainstream crowd professional technical webmaster and small business website. Generally a specialty small webmaster can use technology of some mainstream CMS modified into the web site you need, business owners can also use a small amount of money for technology to help. And if professional knowledge is not very proficient in, but only in the original CMS based on some websites board type and structure optimization, new function of the website on the increase sharply. In addition, small business site, is simple to do a show page, building your company image. As long as there is a brief introduction, product introduction and recruitment page can, and to please a few people to fix the template can. However, Beijing website construction is still product China warm reminder, this safety is not very high, in the long run, is not very desirable, especially for the enterprise web site. 时下流行的建站方式基本上就这几种,不管是采用哪种建站方式,北京网站建设商企云认为最重要的是您是出于什么目的,如果是做企业网站,还是建议考虑专业建站公司;如果您对建站感兴趣,有热情想尝试一下,不妨考虑从做原生态网站开始着手提升。 Popular site is basically the way several, whether of the way station, Beijing website construction is still product China think is the most important is you for what purpose, if doing enterprise web site, or suggest to consider professional site company; If you are interested in site, have passion want to try, might consider from original web site set out to do ascension. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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