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笔者是做网站建设的,但是做网络的当然对电子商务或多或少有了解,今天就为大家浅析一下淘宝店的开店和装修。The author is do website construction, but making the network of electronic business, of course, more or less understanding, today for all the taobao shop shallow opening and decoration. 淘宝店是众多人谈论的焦点,不管男女老少。这就是电子商务发展到今天的趋势,足不出户宅男宅女就能获得几乎是任何自己想买的东西,并且种类之齐全足够让你有应接不暇的感觉。Taobao shop is the focus of many people talk about, men and women, old and young. This is the electronic commerce development to today's trend, never leave home curtilage male curtilage female can get almost anything you want to buy, and types of complete enough let you have ringing-off the feeling. 而做淘宝店的人同样会感觉自己的事情是应接不暇,首选我自己是没具体的开过淘宝店的,只是大概的知道流程和一些自己的理解在这里说一下。淘宝的注册就不用说了。如果想开店就要进入卖家中心,我要开店需要通过三个认证,一个是半身持身份证照片,然后再审核身份证正反面照片,和开店大体细节规则的答题环节。三者通过后便有资格开店,当然这时点还是没有开成功的。至少要上到10个或以上宝贝店铺才会正式开启,并且传完的宝贝有一定的延迟,不是传好就开好的。Taobao shop and also feel thing is ringing-off the, the preferred myself is no specific drive in taobao shop, was only about the know process and some own understanding here a minute. Clean out treasure of registered naturally. If want to open a shop will enter the seller center, I want to set up shop need through the three the authentication, one is bust hold id photos, and then audit of positive and negative photo id card, and set up shop in details the rules to answer the link. After three and qualified through open a shop, of course, then point or not open a success. At least 10 or more to the baby store will start, and preach the baby has certain delay, preach not good and then open good. 其实再拉回去说一下,淘宝首选你自己要明确,自己是干兼职还是全职?代销他人产品还是批发后自己销售?Actually back again that clean out treasure to clear your own choice, is doing a part-time or full-time? Other products for sale on a commission basis or wholesale after their sales? 什么是淘宝店兼职?我理解的是首先是自己一个人来经营,并且每天的经营时间在4小时以内。并且不定时的进行店铺的打理,和顾客的接待,这样一般来说客流量上涨的慢,因为是兼职所以赚的是一些零花钱。不温不火。What is the taobao shop part-time? I understand is the first is a people to run, and everyday business time in four hours less than. And the timing of the shop do, and customer reception, so generally speaking passenger rising slowly, because be part-time so make some allowances is. Don't temperature is not fire. 而全职也分很多了,比如是自己全职干,当然开头可能是自己,如果全职做的好的话是根本不可能一个人来干的。这时也要有招客服和很多店内活动和不停的顾客,当然这些是后话了,但是非常的累是肯定的。And also points a lot of the full-time, for example, is his full-time do, of course, beginning a possible, if full-time do good word is not possible to do. At this time also should have called customer service and a lot of in-store events and keep customers, of course, these are HouHua, but very tired is certain. 明确了自己是全职或兼职后,也就决定了你可能的发展大方向了。基本店铺上来人们都会选择扶植版或标准版,功能虽然不齐全,但是也相对够用了,除非是明星或者知名度高的上来就弄最贵的那种店铺版本,不得不说一个店面的装修也是很关键的一点。Explicit oneself is full-time or part-time, has also decided the you may development directions. Basic store up people will select foster version or the standard edition, though not complete function, but also the relative will be enough, unless there is a star or high reputation gets up the most expensive that store version, have to say a storefront decorate also is very key point. 装修可以借鉴别人的店铺,或者淘宝大学自学,亦或者找人代装修都是可以的。对于扶植版和标准版说,最关键的就是弄一个好看的,至少是客户不厌烦的就可以,不需要过多的炫丽。重点是在产品,对淘宝店淘的就是好产品,就算不好也要包装的很好,这就说到淘宝店产品的图片,最好一个产品的图上上至少3个,从各角度或者各层次,然后下面的宝贝介绍一定要全,能多全就多全,顺便在宝贝介绍栏里添加别的宝贝推荐或者店内活动热卖。加上锚文本,这是很关键的,客户喜欢哪个可以直接点进去看。Decorate can use other shop, or clean out treasure university self-study, also or find someone to generation that decorate. To foster version and the standard version said, the key is to make a good, at least, is not tired of customers can, do not need too much dazzle beautiful. Focus is in the product, to clean out treasure to store the digg is a good product, even if it is bad to also want to packing is very good, it is said to clean out treasure to store products picture, best products and a figure at least three from the Angle or each level, and then introduced the baby must be full, can much more the whole, by the baby is introduced in the column added other baby recommend or the store sells activities. Add the anchor text, this is a big, customer like which can be directly point went in to see. 从很多很多和大多大多淘宝店家来看,淘宝店如同优化,这个努力的度和收获是要和一个相对时间挂钩的,比如你做的很到位了,可能很快会开起来。凡事耐不住坚持,但是淘宝店更多的是吸精,顾客购买时给的服务品质,最重要的是产品品质。你都能做到,说明成功是早晚的喽!From many, many and most businesses to see most taobao, taobao shop as optimization, the efforts of the degrees and harvest is to and a relative time hook, for instance you do well, may soon will open up. All things can not bear to insist, but taobao shop more suction essence, customer purchase of service quality to, the most important is the quality of the product. You can do it, that is success of the morning and evening! 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.spnet.cn/



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