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一个企业网站需要设置哪些功能,网站风格应该如何选择,域名注册需要注意什么,诸多问题困扰着有建站需求的中小企业。许多中小企业因为没有做好建站规划,导致花费不少,实际建站效果却与预期相差甚远。A enterprise web site need to set up what function, the website should be how to choose the style, domain name registration need to pay attention to what, many problems with a site needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Many small and medium-sized enterprise because no well site planning, lead to take a little, but the results and actual site expected far. 针对目前中小企业不重视网站规划的现象,商企云认为:网站规划是建站前企业对建站目的的审视,对网站功能、风格、域名、空间、后续推广与维护、费用等事项做出的规划。清晰的建站规划,能对网站建设起到指导作用,便于达成企业预期的建站目的。因此,建议中小企业建站前需要做好以下准备:For small and medium-sized enterprises at present not value web programming phenomenon, shang pin China think: web programming is built for the purpose of the station enterprise multiple examines, for website functions, style, domain name, space, follow-up promotion and maintenance cost, etc make planning. Clear site planning, can play a guiding role for the website construction, easy to achieve enterprise expected purpose site. Accordingly, the proposal is small and medium-sized enterprises built the station to do the following preparation: (1)明确建站目的(Clear purpose site)商企云提醒,建站目的是网站规划的核心问题,决定了网站规划的其它事项,要非常明确和具体。目前,北京网站建设目的有以下几种类型:展示型,全面详细地介绍企业及产品,希望提升企业形象;联络型,通过网站上的互动功能,使企业具有网络沟通能力,与客户保持联系,可及时得到客户的反馈信息;营销型,主要实现电子商务功能;综合型,则包含了以上三种目的。中小企业首先应根据自身产品特点、销售渠道和销售对象等情况,明确企业建站目的。Shang pin China reminds, multiple purpose is the core of the web programming, website planning to other matters, to be very clear and specific. Currently, Beijing website construction purpose has the following kinds of types: display type, comprehensive detailed introduction to enterprise and products, hoping to promote enterprise image; Contact type, through the web site of the interactive function, make enterprise has the network communication ability, stay in touch with clients, can get the timely customer feedback information; Marketing type, mainly realizes electronic business functions; Comprehensive, it contains three kinds of purpose. Small and medium-sized enterprises should first according to their own product features, sales channels and sales object and so on, clear enterprise multiple purpose. (2)网站功能需实用(Site function should be practical)网站建设的目的决定了网站功能的设置,网站功能则是实现建站目的的途径。比如:展示型网站,具备新闻中心、产品发布、视频展示等常用功能即可;而联络型网站,留言板、在线咨询、资料下载等功能必不可少;营销型网站,要求能实现在线交易。网站功能实用就好,不可盲目追求功能上的“奢华”,过于繁杂的功能如果缺乏必要的内容支撑,不仅得不到充分的利用,而且建站费用高昂、占用空间,同时也会影响客户体验。The purpose of the website construction to the site function setting, the web site is to realize the objective function is the way station. For example: display type website, have the news center, product release, video shows the common functions can; And contact type website, message board, online consultation, information function such as download necessary; Marketing type website, requirement can realize the online trading. Website functional practical good, not blind pursue the function of "costly", too multifarious function if lack of necessary content support, not only can not make full use of, and the high costs of site, take up the space, also affect the customer experience. (3)网站风格以清晰、简洁为主(Web site to clear, concise style is given priority to)不同的行业,企业网站的主色调、网站结构、设计风格也有所不同,但都应当遵循清晰、简洁实用的原则。比如科技型企业,主色调多为蓝色,蓝色让人觉得理性、专业,体现了这个行业的创新性;婚纱摄影行业,普遍以大红色为主色调,大红色代表了幸福、喜庆,体现了服务行业的热情。另外,商企云网站的整个页面设计应主次分明,突出重点,让访问者轻松找到想要的内容。图片、视频、flash动画、特效应用应适当,过多花俏的设计不但会喧宾夺主,而且会影响网站的访问速度。Different field, the enterprise website the mass-tone attune of the structure, design style, website is also different, but should follow the principle of clear, concise and practical. Such as science and technology enterprise, the mass-tone attune more for blue, blue let a person feel the rational, professional, reflected the industry's innovative; Wedding photography industry, generally with big red mass-tone, the big red to represent the happiness, joy, reflected the enthusiasm of the service industry. In addition, China is product of the whole page web site should be designed with trenchant primary and secondary, highlight key, let visitors to easily find the content. Pictures, video, flash animation, the special effects should be used properly, too much fancy design not only become, and will affect site access speed. (4)选择合适的域名(Choose the right domain name)域名是一个网站的网上商标,也是用户进入网站的第一道门。简单的域名如(sino-web.net),方便访问者记忆与访问,容易达到事半功倍的效果。因此,在选取域名时,尽量考虑与企业形象相符或与企业名称、标识相统一,最好与站名一致,让用户可以将两者联系在一起。对于同时开展国内外业务的企业,为兼顾国际用户商企云应该选择国际域名(.com、.net、.org),域名也尽量使用英文词汇,方便国外客户理解。Domain name is a website online trademark, also is the user to access the site of the first gate. Simple domain such as (sino-web.net), convenient visitors memory and visit, easy to reach twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, when the domain, try to consider and enterprise image consistent with the enterprise name, logo or unity, the best and the name of the agreement, so that users can will both together. To carry out the business and domestic and foreign enterprise, both for international users shang pin China should choose the international domain name (. Com,.net,. Org), domain name also try to use English vocabulary, convenient and foreign customers to understand. (5)服务器托管或空间租赁(Server hosting or space rental)实力雄厚的大型企业基于企业自身庞大的数据库以及安全方面的考虑,通常选择自己架设服务器。出于对经济实力以及网站需要空间大小的考虑,商企云建议中小型企业选择服务器托管服务或者与人共同分享虚拟主机(即空间租赁),这样就可以省去管理、维护服务器的大笔费用。一般的中小型企业网站空间大概在100M-200M空间。Strength of the large enterprise based on the enterprise itself huge database and a security perspective, usually set up to choose their own server. Out of the economic strength and the size of the space web site needs to consider, is China's small and medium-sized enterprises to choose the suggestion is hosting service or server share the virtual host (i.e. space rental), this can save management, maintenance of server large expenses. General of small and medium-sized enterprises in about 100 M web space-200 M space. (6)选择优质的建站公司(Choose the high quality of the site)优质的建站公司能够帮助中小企业做好网站规划,并为他们提供专业高效的建站服务。就如何选择优质的建站公司,商企云建议中小企业可以从建站公司的经营资质、网站制作经验及技术实力、建站团队水平以及建站性价比等方面进行综合考虑。High quality site company can help small and medium-sized enterprises do web programming, and for them to provide professional and efficient service the station. How to choose the high quality of the site, is China's small and medium-sized enterprise can taste Suggestions from the site of the company business qualification, the website production experience and technical strength, the site and the team level resides in cost-effective integrated consideration. 在众多的网站建设服务提供商中,商企云从企业网络营销角度出发推出的——“建站+推广”一体化网络营销服务,获得了广大中小企业的广泛青睐。In many of the website construction service provider, it products from China enterprise network marketing perspective, the launch of the "site + promotion" integrated network marketing service, win the small and medium enterprise are widely favored. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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