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内容是一个网站最有价值的部分,内容为王就是这个意思,用户访问您的网站的唯一目的是获取有价值的内容,丰富的内容,准确的内容,不断更新的内容是成功企业网站的三个要素。完美企业网站制作的 101 项指标中,有 23 项是关于内容的,我们把内容放在首位,事实上,您应该把 80% 的重心放在内容上面,这 23 项内容指标分别为: Content is a web site most valuable part, content is king is this meaning, the user access to your website only purpose is to get valuable content, rich content and accurate content, and constantly update the content is successful corporate site of the three elements. Perfect enterprise production site in the 101 index, 23 item is about the content, we put the content in the first place, in fact, you should put 80% of the center of gravity in content top, the 23 item index respectively is: 丰富的内容(Rich content)一个内容匮乏的企业网站,给用户带来的失望是难以想象的,用户通过搜索引擎,广告,或朋友介绍来到您的网站,是带着需求而来,他们对您的企业,产品,服务缺乏了解,在这个时候,企业网站是最应该发挥价值的时候,好的企业网站的建设者应该揣摸用户的需求,他们为什么来,希望看到什么,他们会遇到什么问题,我们怎么解决,带着疑问而来的用户是最具潜在价值的用户,您的内容无论多么周到都不为过。然而现实的情形是,用户除了一些漂亮画面,什么也没看到,您的产品,产品的特点,价格,包装,生产周期,服务,支持文档,问题及解答等等,用户希望这些内容越详细越好,很多企业具有这样的心理,我们只是放一点产品资料上去,用户感兴趣,自然会和我们联系。 A lack of content of the enterprise web site, to the disappointment of users into is hard to imagine, users through the search engine, advertising, or friends came to your web site, is with the demand and come, they are on your enterprise, product, service the lack of understanding in this time, the enterprise web site is the most should play value, good enterprise website builders should guess who the needs of users, why are they coming to, want to see something, they will encounter problems, how do we solve, with doubt and to users is the most potential value of customer, you no matter how good the content of too much. But the reality of the situation is, the user besides some beautiful pictures, what also didn't see, your product, the characteristics of the product, price, packing, production cycle, service, supporting documents, problems and solutions, and so on, the user hope these content the more detailed, the better, a lot of enterprises with this kind of psychology, we just put a little product material up, users are interested, naturally and contact us. 事实上,如果您的这些资料过分简陋,匮乏,用户会对您的实力产生怀疑,我曾经为一个从事机床附件出口的企业提供 IT 咨询服务,那是一个非常成功的公司,有一次,他拿出他们的产品目录给我看,那本目录有 500 页厚,上面密密麻麻地编排着非常详尽产品数据,我看到那本目录的一瞬间就知道他们为什么成功了。企业网站也是一样。 In fact, if your these material too humble, lacking, and user of your strength suspicion, I used to be a machine tool accessories export enterprise engaged in the provide IT consulting services, that is a very successful company, once, he took out their product catalog to let me see, that this directory has 500 pages thick, IT sucked a very detailed arrangement of product data, I see that this catalogue of the moment we will know why they succeeded. The enterprise website also is same. 准确的内容(Accurate content) 没有用户会容忍您网站上的错误,他们会觉得您不专业,不认真,如果一个企业在网站这些软的东西上都错漏百出,它的产品也不会好到哪里去。您在创作站点内容的时候,需要不断检查,校对,最终,也是最重要的,您要以一个用户的身份经常访问自己的网站,您会发现很多错误,这时您一定不要等待,不要说过两天我就改正,过两天的意思是您永远都不会去改正这些错误,有一些企业,他们网站上提供的电话是永远也打不通的,因为那个号码早就变了,您应该立即更正,现代的 CMS 网站可以让您非常容易地实现这一点。 No user will put up with your site on the wrong, they will think you are not professional, not earnest, if a enterprise in the soft thing on the web site are complete flawed and its products is also not good where to go. You in the creation of the content of the site, needs to constantly check, proofreading, finally, and most important, you need to a user's identity often visit their website, you will find many mistakes, then you must not wait, don't say that in two days I will correct, two days mean you'll never go to correct these mistakes, there are some enterprise, their website the phone is forever also provide couldn't get through, because the number would have changed, you should immediately correct, the modern CMS website can let you very easy to realize this. 不断更新的内容(Updated content )这几乎是目前中小企业网站的通病,这些网站的大多来自企业主管的一次心血来潮,他们花了大量时间和预算建设了网站,以为这样便完事大吉,从此便将这个网站抛在一边。永不更新的网站对只来一次的用户来说没有什么,而只来一次的用户对企业也往往带不来销售,然而,如果用户对您产生兴趣,他们就会再来,只有对您的产品和服务有意购买的用户才会频繁来访,如果您的网站从不更新,对您无意的用户可能不会觉察,对您有意的用户一定会看到,从不更新的网站恰恰是给您最有价值的用户带来疑虑,他们会怀疑您的业务已经停顿。 This is almost the common problems of small and medium-sized enterprises at present site web sites, which are mostly from the enterprise competent a whim, they spent a lot of time and budget the website construction, thought this was done right, from now on will be behind this site. Never updated site to only coming a users have no what, but only to a user to enterprise also often take not to sales, however, if the user to interested in you, and they will come again, only to your products and services are interested in buying user would frequent visitors, if your website never update on your unintentional users may not become aware, for your intention to users will see, never updated site just is the most value for your users into doubt, they will doubt your business had stalled. 内容要专业(Content must be professional)内容一定要能够体现您的企业素质,用户和您建立消费关系之前,他们会通过网站上的内容揣测您的产品和服务,您网站上内容代表您的产品,专业的内容会让用户相信的产品和服务也足够专业。同时,专业的内容往往具有权威性,您的内容可能会被很多人引用,链接,无形中为您带来广告宣传作用。 Content must be able to reflect your enterprise quality, users and you build consumer relationship before, they will pass the content on the website of your products and services speculation, your website content represent your products, professional content will let users believe products and services and professional enough. At the same time, professional content often has the authority, your content may be many people quoted, links, virtually bring you advertisement publicity function. 具有原创性(Are original) 这不仅是版权问题,也关系到您的公信力。优秀的企业有自己的见解,有话语权,如果您的网站只是摘录别人的内容,会让人觉得您的企业也毫无建树。原创性的内容是建立您的话语权的最重要途径,任何企业都应该通过专业文章,行业标准,白皮书等内容建立自己的权威。 This is not only the copyright problem, but also related to your credibility. Excellent enterprise have their own views, a right, if your website is only excerpts from the content of the others, can let a person feel that your enterprise also useless. The content of the original is to establish your right is the most important way, any enterprise should through the professional articles, industry standards, white papers content establish his own authority. 内容要完整(Content to complete) 传统企业网站的建设流程一般是这样,企业事先提供内容给设计人员,设计人员再将这些内容编排发布到网站。很多企业无法一次就把完整的内容收集齐全,大家往往说,这一段暂时没有,等过两天再整理一下,同样,过两天的意思是,这段内容便永远缺失了。我见过无数内容残缺不全的企业网站,或者某个产品缺少图片,或者某段内容在默认语言版本中有,进入别的语言版本却空着,或者点击了某个下载链接却返回404错误。 Traditional enterprise website construction process is usually so, enterprise prior to the design personnel to provide content, design personnel then will these content arrangement released to the web site. Many enterprises can't once is intact content collection is complete, everybody often said, this a temporary no, wait until after two days to clean up, also, two days mean, this section will always missing. I've seen countless content incomplete enterprise web site, or a product without pictures, or a content in the default language version, into the other language versions but empty, or click on the download link back to 404 is a mistake. 您需要不断访问自己的网站,仔细检查那些内容不完整的地方,如果某段内容不完整,与其放在那里让用户迷惑,还不如将它拿掉。同样,现代的 CMS 网站允许您随时补充您的内容,要持续地这样做。 You need to keep visit their website, carefully examine the information is not complete place, if a information is not complete, and let the user confusion in there, you will take off it. Also, the modern CMS site allows you keep supplement your content, to continue to do so. 内容要包含图文,但以文字为主有言道,片图抵千言(A PIcture Is Worth A Thousand Words),图片,表格,以及必要的多媒体素材(视频,Flash,音频)等等可以帮您更好地表达,也会让您的用户不至于太枯燥,但这些素材不可过多,您的内容仍然应该以文字为主,过多的媒体会让页面很难迅速打开。 Content to include the graphic, but with an text-based way, thousands of figure Is said (A PIcture Is Worth A Thousand Words), pictures, forms, and the necessary of multimedia material (video, Flash, audio) and so on can help you better expression, will let your user not too boring, but these materials do not too much, your content should still to text-based, too much media will make the page difficult to quickly opened. 内容要体现企业的价值观(Content to reflect the values of the enterprise) 您不可使用有违企业价值观的内容,一个供黑客使用的网站可能包含一些系统破解文章,但这样内容无论如何也不会出现在微软的网站。您的内容应该向访问者传递健康,积极的信息,网站是公众媒体,任何不当的言论都可能为您的企业带舆论方面的问题。 You may not use against the enterprise values of the content, a web site for hackers use may contain some system cracked the article, but such content anyway also won't appear in Microsoft's website. Your content to visitors should pass health, positive information, web site is the public media, any improper remarks may for your enterprise with public opinion. 要区分不同地域与文化的受众最基本的要求,如果您是一家国际性的企业,您的网站至少要包含一个英文版和一个本地语言版本,如果您的主要市场是,比如说德国,那么,提供一个德语版本也不为过。不同语言版本之间的内容不是简单的互译,内容要基于当地的业务状况,文化与风俗,这一点,著名的杀毒软件制作商 Kaspersky 做得非常好。 To distinguish between different regions and culture of the audience is the most basic request, if you are an international enterprise, your web site at least to include an English version and a local language version, if your main market is, for instance, Germany, so, provide a German version too much. Different language version of content between is not a simple translation, content should be based on local business status, culture and customs, this, the famous Kaspersky anti-virus software maker is very good. 企业资料(profile)是用户快速了解企业的重要途径,您的历史,发展,业绩,您的主要业务,市场,雇佣状况等等,只要是可以公开的信息,都应该让用户看到,要尽可能详细。 Enterprise material is the user quickly understand the important way of enterprise, your history, development, performance, your main business, the market, the employment situation and so on, as long as it is public information, should let users see, to as much detail as possible. 公司动态,企业或行业新闻(Dynamic company, enterprise or industry news) 这些内容应该出现在主页,用户一进来就可以看到,这是保持您的网站持续更新的最好的方法,您的新产品,新业务,展览计划,促销活动,本行业的新闻,市场观察,产品路线图等等,通过这些新闻动态,让用户时刻觉得您的企业充满活力,您的业务在持续发展。您可以使用企业 Banner 图片的形式,将最新动态制作成吸引人的图片,动画,微软的网站每隔几天就会用一些非常清新的 Banner 图片展示他们企业动态。 These contents should appear in the home page, the user came in and can see, this is to keep your website last updated the best method, you of the new products, new services, exhibition plan, sales promotion, the industry news, market observation, product roadmap, etc., through these news dynamic, let users time feel that your enterprise full of energy, your business in sustainable development. You can use the enterprise Banner picture form, will the latest dynamic make attractive pictures, animation, Microsoft's website every few days with some very pure and fresh Banner pictures show they enterprise dynamic. 团队信息(Team information)一定将您的团队资料发布到网上,如果一个用户对您的产品感兴趣,他对您的团队也会充满好奇,为什么不满足他们,同时,如果能亲眼看到产品团队,很多用户会打消对您的产品的疑虑,团队信息可以增强您产品的透明感。团队信息可以包括团队的教育背景,行业经历,专业造诣以及他/她在团队中所起的作用。如果您的团队成员有自己的博客,也可以提供他们的博客链接。 Some will your team material on the web, if a user to your product interested in him, and to your team will also be full of wonder, why don't meet their, at the same time, if we can see the product team, many users will reassure on your product doubts, team information can enhance your product with clear. Team information can be included team education background, experience in the industry, professional attainments and he/she's role in the team. If your team members have my own blog, also can provide their blog link.您的产品或服务(Your product or service)这是企业网站必不可少的,产品和服务信息要足够详细,事实上您在这方面的内容投入应该永不停息,只要您的产品在改进,新产品在开发,新服务在开拓,您就应该随时将这些新的内容展示给用户。产品资料包括产品规格,特点,在同类产品中的优势,劣势,产品的尺寸,材质,包装,价格(或者至少是价格范围),图片,生产周期,不要等用户打电话来问,您应该让用户直接在网站上了解到您以为需要在电话中才能说清的东西。 This is essential to the enterprise web site, product and service information to detailed enough, in fact you in this aspect content into should never stop, as long as your product in improvement, new product development, new services in the development, you should always will these new content shows to users. Product information including product specifications, characteristics, in the similar products in the advantage, disadvantage, product size, material, packing, price (or, at least, is the price range), pictures, production cycle, don't wait for the user calling to ask, you should let users directly on the website realized that you think needs in a telephone call in to clear things. 服务与支持(Service and support) 企业网站越来越成为企业提供服务与支持的中心,您在电话中向用户反复解答的各种问题,都应该在服务与支持中体现,这可以使用户在24小时之内随时获得帮助。服务与支持内容可以包括产品文档,使用技巧,疑难排解,安装与维护说明等等,企业应当不断积累服务与支持方面的内容,并对这些内容组织,整理,规范,形成完整的产品知识库,这可以显著降低人工支持的成本和压力。 The enterprise website has become more and more enterprises to provide service and support center, you on phone users to answer all sorts of problems repeatedly, should be in service and support in reflect, the users can at any time in 24 hours to get help. Service and support the content may include product documentation, using skills, troubleshooting, the installation and maintenance instructions, and so on, the enterprise shall be the accumulation of service and support, and the content of the content of organization, organize, norms, form complete product knowledge base, this can significantly reduce artificial support costs and pressure. 您的产品或服务的扩展知识(Your product or service extension of knowledge)除了常规的产品知识,您还需要对这些知识进行延伸,您可以通 过专业文章,白皮书等方式,发表您在行业中的造诣,扩展知识可以提高您的企业在行业中的权威并赢得话语权,这些内容需要有一定的见地,能赢得行业认可,您也可以将这些文章在别的媒体发表,并提供对您网站上类似内容的链接,这也是提高您站点 seo 排名的最好的途径。 In addition to conventional product knowledge, you also need to extend these knowledge, you can be connected the professional articles, white papers way, express your in the industry's attainments, expanding knowledge can improve your enterprise in the industry's authority and win the discourse right, these content will need a certain insight, can win by industry, you can also will these articles published in other media, and provide for your web site similar content link, this also is to improve your site ranking of the best way of SEO. 产品的购买和促销信息(The purchase of the products and promotion information)要让最终对您的产品动心的用户知道如何去购买您的产品。您可以提供您在各地的经销商的详细联系方式,您的专卖店的地址,电话,交通,营业时间,您的产品的订购细节,指导价格,付款方式,派送或发运方式,这些内容需要精确,细致,这些内容的消费者即将成为您的正式用户,是您前面苦心经营的结果,绝对不应该在这里让他们走掉。 To make ultimately for your product of impressive user know how to buy your products. You can offer you in the distributors around the contact details, your store address, telephone, traffic, the business hour, your product order details, the guiding price, payment, delivery or shipping way, these content need precision, meticulous, the content of the consumers will become your formal users, is your front elaborations of the results, should never be here let them walk off. 网站帮助信息(Web site help information) 一点也不奇怪,常常有一些网站让人摸不着头脑,您不知道应怎样使用它们。对一些界面不是很明显的网站,应该包括方便的帮助信息,帮助用户使用您的网站,这些帮助信息应当非常及时(Handy),您在不知所措地时候,能立即找到。一定不要象传统软件那样,将所有帮助信息编译到一个庞大的文件里,让用户自己找,帮助信息应当就在使用现场或附近。 Not oddness, often some of the sites make people confused, you don't know how to use them. For some interface is not very obvious web site, should include convenient help information to help users use your web site, these help information shall be very timely (Handy), you are at a loss, can find immediately. And certainly don't like traditional software that, will all help information compiled to a huge files, let users find their own, help information shall be in use or near the scene. 常见问题及解答(FAQ) The common problems and solutions (FAQ) FAQ 内容应该放在非常显眼的位置,FAQ 是帮助用户迅速上手的最佳途径,因为 FAQ 是绝大多数人关心的问题及解答,有经验的用户来到一个新企业网站会直接去找 FAQ 以便迅速了解他/她想知道的东西,因为绝大多数用户没有耐心去一页一页地浏览您的内容,他们会看看其他人都问过什么,以及您是怎么回答的。 FAQ content should be placed in very conspicuous position, FAQ is to help the user to quickly get optimal path, because most people care about is FAQ problems and solutions, experienced users to a new enterprise web site will go direct to the FAQ about him/her to quickly want to know things, because most users don't have the patience to a page and a page of browsing your content, they will see other people have asked what and how did you answer. 法律声明(版权,隐私条款,使用条款,免责声明等) Legal statement (copyright, privacy provisions, terms of use, disclaimer, etc) 虽然不是每个企业都有法律顾问,但您总能找到一些适合您的声明内容,结合您的实际情况,将这些声明放到您网站的底部,它们可能没有多少非常显示用处,但在万一出现纠纷的时候,这些声明可以降低您的麻烦。 Though not every company has the legal adviser, but you will always find something suitable for your statement content, with you and the conditions of these statements in the bottom of your website, they may not have much very show use, but in one thousand when occurrence dispute, the statement can reduce your trouble. 职位空缺与招聘信息(Job openings and recruitment information) 如果您曾被评为最佳雇主,将招聘和职位空缺信息放到自己的网站,比放到专业招聘媒体也许更有效,能主动到您的网站寻找工作机会的人必定对您仰慕已久,您应当重视这些有心人。 If you have been recognized as the best employers, will recruitment and vacancy information on your own web site, than in professional recruitment media may be more effective, able to take the initiative to your site looking for the opportunity to you must admire already for a long time, you should pay attention to these willingly. 专用于大客户和合作伙伴的内容(Dedicated to big customers and partners content)您可以在网站上开辟专门的区域,供您的 VIP 客户或合作伙伴使用,您可以为不同客户提供个性化内容,这种服务体验是非常让客户舒心的,我的一个 Comsharp CMS 客户便在他的网站上为大客户建立了一个订单跟踪系统,每个客人的每份订单,都发布在上面,包括订单日期,产品,金额,运期,装运资料,装运单据副本,付款情况,一目了然,每个客户只要使用他们自己的帐户登陆,就会看到自己所有订单的执行情况。我另有一个 Comsharp CMS 客户从事工艺礼品出口业务,他们的产品针对不同市场,他为不同市场的客户提供了不同的产品目录区,客户登陆后,只看到与他们相关的产品资料,不仅节省了时间,还避免了竞争对手对机密资料的窃取。 如果您是上市公司,您应该公开上市资料 您的股东,董事会成员,您的股份分布,股票价格,财务报告,利润,分红等等资料,上市公司需要透明感,您需要将这些必须对股东公开的资料发布到网站上,并随时更新。 You can open up on the web site specific area, for your VIP customers or partners use, you can for different customers with personalized content, this service experience is very let customers of shu xin, one of my Comsharp CMS customer and on his web site for large customers to establish a order tracking system, each guest for each order, were published in the above, including order date, product, amount, shipment date, shipment material, copy of shipping documents, payment status, be clear at a glance, and each customer as long as their account login, you will see all order implementation. I have a Comsharp CMS clients engaged in export business gifts, their products for different markets, he for different market clients with the different product catalogue area, client after landing, see only and their related material, not only saves time, avoids the competition of confidential information to steal. If you are a listed company, you should be public material your shareholders, the members of the board of directors, your shares distribution, stock prices, financial report, profits, dividends and so on material, the listed company need transparency, you need to put these must be to shareholders public material released to the site, and updated. Blog, BBS, Comments 等动态内容(Blog, BBS, Comments and dynamic content) 您的网站上也可以提供团队成员的博客,公众讨论区,员工交流区域,同客户的交流区,用户评论等内容,这些动态内容让您随时了解用户的需求和抱怨,以便及时改进自己的产品和服务。Your website can also provide team members of the blog, the public discussion forum, staff communication area, with the customer communication area, the user comments and the content, the dynamic content so you can learn the user's needs and complain, so that to improve their products and services.本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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