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北京网站建设公司商企云:企业的主页是企业在Internet上展示形象的门户,是企业开展电子交易的基地,是企业网上的"家", 设计制作一个优秀的网站是建站企业成功迈向互联网的重要步骤。 Beijing website construction company is still product China: enterprise home page is the enterprise in the Internet image shows on the gateway, is the enterprise in developing electronic trading base, is the enterprise online "home", design and make a good web site to the Internet business success is an important step. 在当今互联网时代,一个企业没有自己的网站就像一个人没有住址,一个商店没有门脸。随着经济全球化和电子商务经济的到来,企业如果还固守于传统模式则必定不能再适应经济全球化的趋势,企业上网和开展电子商务是一个不可回避的现实,当你的竞争对手正在通过INTERNET共享信息,通过电子商务降低成本,拓展销售渠道时,你却只能坐失良机。 In the Internet age, an enterprise has no his own website is like a person without address, a store no front. With the economic globalization and electronic business economy arrival, if still stuck in the enterprise from the traditional patterns, must not again to adapt to the trend of economic globalization, the enterprise on the INTERNET and in developing electronic commerce is an unavoidable reality, when your competition is through the INTERNET to share information, through the electronic commerce to reduce cost, expand the sales channel, but you can only miss the boat. 竞争的需要(Competition need ) 国际互联网的用户在迅猛地增长。中国上网用户由1995年的一万户速增至2007年的近3亿用户。这增长速度是全世界范围的普遍现象。在美国,欧洲,港澳及其它许多国家,网站、seo网站优化和电子信箱系统已经成为公司立业不可缺少的重要组成部分。 The Internet users in the rapid growth. China's Internet users from 1995 in ten thousand to 2007 in speed and nearly 300 million users. This growth is the worldwide phenomenon. In the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Macao and many other countries, website, SEO website optimization and E-mail system has become the indispensable and important business company component parts. 可以让公司简介、产品说明声情并茂(Can let the company introduction, product description with musical) 尽管你的产品非常好,但人们总是看到它的样子和它到底怎么工作时才会对它感兴趣。产品画册虽然非常好,但它是静止的也没有人知道它工作时发出什么声音,如果以上因素对你的准用户非常重要,你就应该利用互联网来介绍你的公司和产品,因为WWW技术可以很简便地为一段产品介绍加入声音、图形、动画甚至影像,这些不断涌现出来的多媒体技术已让网络世界变得丰富多彩。 Although your product is very good, but people always see the look of it and what it how to work will be interested in it. Product picture album although is very good, but it is still no one knew it work out what sound, if above factors on your prospective users is very important, you should use the Internet to introduce your company and product, because the WWW technology can be very easy for a product introduction to join voice, graphics, animation or video, these continue to emerge out of the multimedia technology has let the network world becomes rich and colorful. 可以迅速树立企业形象(Can quickly set up the business enterprise image) 今天,国际互联网络已成为未来生活的代名词,要显示公司的实力,提升公司形象,没有什么比在员工名片、企业信笺、广告及各种公众能看得到的东西印上自己公司独有的网络地址和专用的集团电子邮件地址更有说服力了。消费者、客户和海外投资者自然对您另眼相看。 Today, the Internet has become the pronoun of future life, want to show the strength of the company, promote the company image, there is nothing in the business card, enterprise employees letterhead, advertising and all kinds of public can see things get printed on his own company the network address of the unique and special group E-mail address more convincing. Consumers, customers and overseas investors to your natural sound. 可以让客户获得所需的商业信息(Can let customers to obtain the business information) 么是商业信息?你的营业时间?你的服务项目?你的联系方法?你的支付方式?你的地址?你新的产品资料?如果你让客户明白与你合作的所有原因和好处,那么何愁生意不上门?更重要的是,你的眼光已经放得非常长,因为在许多你的销售人员未能到达的地方,人们已经可以通过上网这一廉价途径获取你的商业信息,并且不是你花大笔的宣传费用去让客户得到你公司的商业信息,而是客户愿意花钱从您那儿取得所需商业信息,这一来,即能使你节约大量不必要的投入,更能使你的现有客户或潜在客户更满意。 Yao is the commercial information? Your business time? Your service projects? Your contact method? Your payment? Your address? Your new product information? If you let you understand that work with you all of the reasons and benefits, so what worried business is not the door? More important is, your eyes have put very long, because in many your sales people do not reach place, people can have a low-cost way by the Internet for your commercial information, and not you spend large sums of propaganda cost to that customer can get your company's business information, but customer would like to spend money there from you obtain the business information, appearance, that could make you save a lot of unnecessary investment, more can make your existing customers and potential customers more satisfied with. 可以为客户提供服务(Can provide service to customers) 让客户获得所需的信息是为客户服务的重要方法之一。但是如果你仔细研究了为客户服务的方法?你就会发现许多利用WWW技术为客户服务的方法。你不妨把售后服务项目作为电子表格,让你的员工开发你的客户感兴趣的产品和服务,并放在网上,让电脑自动记录客户的查询和订单,无需让员工天天守候在电话机前记录电话内容。你可以让你的客户在数据库中查询到你生产的产品的颜色、规格。同样,你既不费力也无需花费太多就可在互联网上从事上述活动了。 Let the customer to obtain the information is for customer service, one of the important ways. But if you carefully studied the method for customer service? You will find that many use WWW technology customer service method. You might as well the after-sales service projects as the electronic form, let your employees develop your customers interested in products and services, and on the Internet, let the computer automatically query and record customer orders, do not need to let employees for every day in the previous record telephone phone content. You can let your client in the database queries to you the color of the production of products, specifications. Also, because you have not easily also need not spend too much on the Internet can be engaged in the activities. 可以销售产品(Can sell products) 许多人认为能够销售产品是使用互联网的主要原因,UEO营销型网站建设因为它可以到达推销员和销售渠道无法到达的地方,并且极大地方便了消费者。如果有人想成为你的用户,他们就想了解你是做什么的?你能为他们提供什么样的服务;但是在大多数情况下你的潜在用户总是找不到你的推销员;利用互联网你可以轻松廉价地展开销售攻势,你的潜在用户也可以轻松廉价地了解你公司的资料,与你的销售部门联络。 Many people think that the sales of products can use the Internet is the main reason, UEO marketing type construction site because it can reach a salesman and sales channel can't reach, and great show where consumers. If somebody wants to be your user, they want to know what do you do? You can do for them what kind of service; But in most cases you can't find the potential users always your salesman; Use the Internet you can easily cheaply on sales offensive, and your potential users can also easily cheap to know you company information, and your sales department contact. 可以进入一个高需求的市场(Can enter a high demand of the market) 据统计,www的使用者们可能是一个需求最高的市场。通常,大学或更高学历的人已经获得一份较高的薪水,或者即将获得一份较高的薪水。进入INTERNET社会的这群人,会主动寻找或接受各种高档新产品的广告。尽管有其他因素影响,但这的确是一个目标高度集中的市场。 According to statistics, WWW users may be a demand the highest market. Usually, the university or higher degree have get a higher salary, or are about to get a higher salary. Enter INTERNET society of this group of people, will actively seek or accept all kinds of top grade new the advertisement of the product. Although there are other factors, but it is a goal of the high concentration of market. 可以回答用户经常关心的问题(Can answer users often concern) 在你的公司里任何一个经常接电话的人的都会告诉你他们的时间,被消耗在一遍又一遍回答同一个问题上你甚至要为回答这些售前和售后问题而专门增设人手;而把这些问题的答案放到企业网站上,你就既能使用户们弄清楚问题,又节省了大量时间和人力资源。 In you in the company of any a telephone of people often will tell you their time, is consumed in again and again on answering the same question for you even answer these pre-sale and after-sale problems and special additional manpower; The answers to these questions in enterprise web site, you can make clear the user, and save a lot of time and human resources. 可以开拓国际市场(Can explore the international market) 你可能对国际潜在市场的信函、电话或法律的含义不太了解,现在通过访问该国的一些企业站点你可以象同街对面的公司交谈一样方便地了解国际市场,事实上当你想利用互联网走入国际市场之前,外国的公司可能已经用同样的方法了解过你公司的情况了。当你收到一些外国公司的国际电子邮件的查询时,你就明白到国际市场已为你打开,而这一切都是你以前认为难以办到的。 You might be in international potential market correspondence, telephone or don't know the meaning of the law, through some of the country's now visit enterprise site you can with the other side of the street as well as talking about the convenience of the international market, the truth is that when you want to use the Internet before walks into the international market, foreign companies may have use the same method to understand your circumstance. When you receive some foreign companies international E-mail inquiries, you will understand to the international market has opened for you, and that is all you used to think of difficult to do. 可以迅速得到客户的反馈(Can quickly get customer feedback) 你向客户发出各类目录和小册子,但是没有顾客上门,这到底是为什么?是产品的颜色、价格还是市场战略出了问题?你没有时间去寻找问题的答案,也没有大量金钱测试市场。有了企业网站,有了你的电子信箱系统,极大地方便客户/消费者及时向你反映情况,提出意见。 You send to customers of all kinds of directory and brochures, but no customer the door, what is this why? Is the product of color, price or market strategy wrong? You don't have time to look for the answer to the question, also do not have a large amount of money test market. With the enterprise website, have your E-mail address system, greatly convenient customer/consumer report in time to you, comments. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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