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企业网站毕竟不同于专业的 ICP 或者门户网站,不可能也没有必要小而全,每个企业有 自己特定的产品/服务,网站的内容理应围绕企业的核心业务设置。企业网站不应当只是一 个摆设,网站是最有用的营销工具。当然,只有在网站可以满足用户需要信息的前提之下, 网站的营销功能才能真正发挥作用。 那么用户需要什么信息呢? The enterprise website, after all, different from the professional ICP or web portal, not may also have no necessary to complete, each enterprise has a particular product/service, the content of the web site to the core business around enterprise set up. The enterprise website should not just a decoration, the web site is the most useful marketing tool. Of course, only in the website can meet user needs information under the premise, the web site of the marketing function can really play a role. So the user need what information? 这个问题是网站规划者首先要考虑的,首先必须分析可能的访问者有哪些,然后有针对性地设计相关内容,这样才能做到有的放矢。一般来说,一个企业网站主要的访问者有几类, 即:直接用户、经销商、设备和原材料供应商、竞争者等。前两类访问者是公司的现有用户和潜在用户,也是网站内容应该重点满足的对象。至于供应商,除去那些具备 B TO B 功能的综合性电子商务网站来说,大多数以信息发布为主的企业网站很少顾及到,因此,也不是一般企业网站的重点内容。至于竞争者,来访的目的无非是了解你公司的新动向,或者北京网站设计水平如何,是否有值得借鉴的地方,对此,在发布有关内容时应该给予适当的“防备”,而不是让竞争者满载而归。 This problem is website planners should consider above all, we must first analysis may visitors what, then pertinently design related content, like this can be targeted. Generally speaking, a enterprise web site visitors to the main have a few kinds of, i.e., the direct users, dealers, equipment and raw materials suppliers, competitors, etc. The first two kind of visitors is the company's existing customers and potential customers, also is the web site content should focus on the object of satisfy. As for suppliers, except those who have the comprehensive function B TO B for e-commerce sites, most with information release is the enterprise websites rarely attend TO, and therefore, it is not the average enterprise web site the key content. As for competitors, the purpose of the visit is common to understand your company's new trend, or Beijing website design level how to, whether it is worthwhile for place, to this, release the related content in should give appropriate "to guard against," and not allow competitors to yourselves. 既然公司的现有用户和潜在用户是网站的重点照顾对象,那么就要认真分析他们需要什么信息。以一个电视机生产企业为例,一个用户/潜在用户访问某企业网站的目的大致有几种:看看有什么新产品、对比不同规格产品的性能和价格、与其它品牌的同类产品进行对比 、 查询本地销售商和保修地址等等,如果可以进行网上订购,用户自然也希望了解与此相关的 信息,比如订货方式、支付手段、送货时间和费用、退换商品政策等。因此,这些内容应该作为网站的重点。 Since the company's existing customers and potential customers is the focus of the web site take care of objects, then to seriously analyzes what they need information. In a television production enterprise, for example, a user/potential users access to some enterprise web site to roughly several: see what new products, comparing the different specification product performance and price, and other brands of similar products for local comparing, distributor and the warranty address, and so on, if can be online ordering, users are eager to know what nature and the related information, such as order mode, means of payment, delivery time and cost, replacement goods policy, etc. Therefore, the content of the site should be as a key point. 说起来如此简单,似乎应该是再明白不过的道理,但是,很多网站在内容设计上“跑题” 的现象却时常发生。即使在电子商务已经比较发达的美国,企业网站设计不合理的状况也十 分明显,在中国,也许就更显得不足为怪了。 It is so simple, it seemed to understand but truth, but a lot of the web site in the content design "change the subject to the phenomenon of" but often happen. Even in electronic business is more developed the United States, enterprise web design unreasonable situation also ten points clear in the China, perhaps more appear wonder. 一、 树立公司形象,扩大业务宣传。 包括公司总体介绍,如公司规模、公司结构、公司产品、公司文化、公司理念、经营宗旨、经营目标、价值观、远景规划、公司曾经所获得的荣誉、公司现在在研究的一些新产 品、公司未来的发展趋势、公司的产品或服务所具有的与众不同的特点和市场定位等等。另 外也可附加一些公司的优质服务等等。公司资料不仅包含文字资料,也包含一些图片资料,比如公司建筑图片,公司员工图片,特别是公司产品图片等等,使得公司更逼真,更具有说 服力地展现在客户面前。尽可能让客户对公司了解的更全面,更细致。 A, set up the company image, expand business propaganda. Includes company general introduction, such as the company size, the company structure, the products of the company, the company culture and concept, management tenet, objectives, values, a vision, the company ever honor, the company is now in the research of some of the new products, the company the future trend of development, the company's product or service has the characteristics of the different and market positioning, etc. Another may be added to the high quality service and so on some companies. The company material include not only text material, also contain some pictures information, such as company buildings pictures, the employee of the company image, especially the company product pictures, etc, make the company more lifelike, has said to serve more customers show before in force. As far as possible let customers for the company know more comprehensive, more detailed. 二、 收集客户反馈,加强客户服务。通过公司的网站 ,可以建立统一的资料发送和接收系统,增强了安全性、稳定性、及时*,保证客户的利益。提高了服务质量,并能以一种快捷、方便的方式提供公司及其产品 的信息和客户所需的服务。运用先进的传播扩展手段,增大公司的用户数量。大大提高了商务通信速度,扩大了通道的功能。拉近了公司与客户的距离,增强了与客户的关系。公司可全天候 24 小时地服务我们的客户 ,与我们的客户保持售后联系,倾听客户意见,回答客户 经常提出的问题,并可以及时的收到客户各种反馈信息,及早发现问题、解决问题。 Second, collect customer feedback and strengthen customer service. Through the company's website, can establish unified material sending and receiving system, enhance the security, stability, timely *, ensure that the interests of its clients. Improve the quality of service, and in a fast, convenient way to provide the company and its products information and customer services required. The application of advanced communication extension means, increase the number of users of the company. Greatly improving the business communications speed, expanded the function of the channel. Close the distance of the corporation and clients, and enhance the relations with customers. The company can be a full 24 hours to service our customers, and our customers to stay after contact, listen to the customers' opinions, answer customers often questions, and can in time of all kinds of feedback information received from customers, early detection and solve problems. 三、 网上市场调查,开展网络营销。 通过网站实现缩短推出新产品和打开新市场的周期阿姨公司的产品销售活动,最大程度满足客户需求,以达到开拓市场、增加盈利的目的。公司将自己的产品信息及经销商信息发布在网站上,各客户根据情况可申请加入该公司的seo网站优化,也可直接通过网站订单系统向公 司下销售订单;公司收到订单后对其进行确认,然后为客户提供资料。开展UEO营销型网站建设的内容 主要有:1、产品信息:将公司销售的资料在网站进行宣传介绍,并按照产品结构进行分类,以利于客户查阅购买。2、客户信息:主要用于收集和管理销售客户的相关信息,便于对客 户的推荐和跟进,以促进公司的销售活动。3、 销售订单:实现公司和客户之间销售订单的 网上提交及管理。4、 经销商信息:将公司销售业务办公室及主要经销商的电话、地址、传真、业务人员姓名、负责领域或产品项目公布在网站上,以促进销售。 Three, online market research, and develop the network marketing. Through the website realize shorten introducing new products and new market open the cycle of the products of the company are aunt sales activities, satisfy customer demand to achieve market, and increase the purpose of profit. The company will own product information and distributor information published on the Internet, the customer can apply to join according to the circumstances of the company SEO site optimization, may also directly through the website to public order system under the company sales order; The company to receive the order after the confirm, and then to provide information. In UEO marketing type website construction is the main content of: 1, product information: will the company sales of material in the website introduced propaganda, according to the product classification structure, so as to help the customer buy access. 2, the customer information: mainly used to collect and manage the sales customer information, and is convenient for guest of jehu and follow the recommendation, to promote the company's sales activities. 3, sales order: to achieve the company and customers of sales order between submitted online and management. 4, distributor information: will the company's sales office and the main distributor's phone number and address, fax, business personnel responsible for the area's name, or product project posted on the web site, in order to promote sales. 四、 建立信息数据库,实施电子商务。 建立公司完整的信息数据库,一个对内,一个对外。对内,在公司内最大限度的达到对信息资源的利用和共享,进行对信息的保存、搜索、查看、再利用等;对外,让客户尽可能多的了解公司性质和业务特征,将信息进行分类,便于客户搜索和查看。另外,访问者通过 网站了解公司的资料,如果有订阅的意向,可以在线提交资料订单,管理者可以根据条件查 看、检索、管理订单,并反馈到营销部门,及时的与制订订单的客户取得联系,实现简单的电子商务。 Four, set up information database, the implementation of the electronic commerce. Set up complete information database, a internally, a foreign. Internally, the maximum reach in the company of information in the use of resources and sharing, the information preservation, search, view, reuse, etc.; Foreign, let the customer as much understand the nature and business characteristics, the information classification, facilitate customer search and check. In addition, visitors through the web site to see company information, if have the intent of the subscription, can submit information online order, managers can according to the condition check see, the retrieval, the management order, and feedback to the Marketing Department, timely and make the order to contact the customer, and realize the simple electronic business. 五、直接实现网络销售 好的企业网站不但对企业的形象是一个良好的宣传,同时可以辅助企业的销售,甚至可以通过网络直接帮助企业实现产品的销售。 Five, direct sales network of good corporate website not only for the image of enterprise is a good propaganda, and can assist enterprise sales, or even through the network directly help enterprises to realize the sale of the product. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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