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何谓营销型网站建设?顾名思义,营销型网站就是指具备营销推广功能的网站,比如:seo、UEO。即建站之初,便以日后的营销推广为目的和出发点,并贯彻到网站制作的全过程,务使每一个环节,每一步骤都考虑到营销功能的需求,使网站一上线即具备营销功能或有利于优化推广的特征。 What is a marketing type website construction? Just as its name implies, marketing type is refers to have the website marketing promotion function of the site, such as: SEO, UEO. That is at the beginning of the site, and the future marketing promotion for the purpose and the starting point, and carried out through the whole process of production site to ensure that every link, each step considering marketing function demand, the web site is a marketing function have online or help to optimize the characteristics of promotion. 根据企业传统盈利模式以及核心产品在传统中的销售渠道,设定网络目标客户群体,针对网络潜在目标客户群体的习惯以及需求思维,站在潜在客户的角度在网站首页排布潜在客户感兴趣的内容。进而塑造企业公信力、核心产品展示、客户见证,为潜在目标客户答疑等,通过网站营销贯彻,获得销售线索,最终达成交易。简单的讲,企业现状营销型网站就是企业的销售平台,无论线上直接交易与否,都能够获得销售线索。营销型网站的就是为了获得销售机会甚至获得成交。 The enterprise according to the traditional mode profits and core products in the traditional sales channel, set the target customer network group, a potential target customer groups against the network the habit of thinking and demand, standing in the point of view of potential customers in the home page is the arrangement of the content of the potential customers interested in. And then build the enterprise credibility, core product exhibition, customer witness for potential target customers such as answer, through the website marketing implement, obtain sales leads, finally come to terms. Simple speaking, enterprise status marketing type is enterprise sales platform web site, whether online trade directly or not, can obtain sales leads. Marketing is the site of in order to get the chance to sell or even access to a deal. 在营销型网站为主流网站的大背景下,如何提升营销型网站的转化率,一直成为很多企业老板以及公司网站维护人员头痛的问题。 In the marketing type for mainstream web site under the background of, how to improve the marketing type conversion of web site, has become a lot of enterprise boss and company website maintenance personnel headache problem. 1.以用户为中心的网站设计(User-centered design) 很多的企业仍停留在“公司介绍、产品展示、在线订单、联系我们”的老套路上。殊不知以用户为中心的网站设计才是有特色的设计,才能获得用户的青睐。以用户为中心并不是一个口号,而是应以专业的视觉来审视,什么才是最重要的内容,什么才是用户最希望看到的,围绕用户的心理,通过最有特色服务满足用户的需要,让客户喜欢网站。 A lot of enterprise is still in a "company introduction, product exhibition, the online order, and contact us" the old way. Little imagine user-centered design is the distinctive design, can obtain the customers. It is a center with the user is not a slogan, but should with the specialized vision to look at, what is the most important content, what is the most users want to see, the psychological around users, through the most special services to meet the needs of users, let the customer like web site. 2.提供丰富的产品/服务介绍信息(Provide rich products/services introduce information) 多数网站在对产品/服务的介绍信息上没有下足文章,这导致用户的兴趣全无。就好像来到一个装饰华丽的表演舞台,观众最期待的还是表演。表演的不好看,舞台再漂亮观众也不买帐。 Many web sites to product/service in the introduction of the information under no full text, this led to the user's interest in nothing all day. As if to a ornate performance stage, the audience most looking forward to or performance. Acting not good-looking, stage again beautiful audience also don't buy the bill. 有调查表明,在网上零售商为提升顾客转化率采用的各种措施中,其提供丰富商品介绍信息明显有利于提升网上商店顾客转化率。对于企业网站也是如此,产品的特点介绍越详细,产品展示图片越清晰,用户的兴趣越高。随着视频技术的发展,为你的产品进行视频展示已经成为一种时尚。淘宝网的一家内衣店的女店主目前已经用自己做模特来展示店内出售的内衣商品,反响很好――要是再来几段视频展示的话,销售量更要飙升了。 Research has suggested that, in the online retailers to promote the customers conversion of the various measures by the provide rich goods introduces information visible to enhance online store customer conversion rate. For the enterprise website also is so, product features: the more detailed introduction, product display pictures clearer, and the user's interest is higher. Along with the development of video technology, for your product video display has become a fashion. The results show a lingerie shop of female the shopkeeper at present already do with their models to display the store of goods sold underwear, echo is very good--if again come a few period of video display of words, sales soared to more. 3.让用户对网站产生信任感(Let users to trust from web site) 调查表明,网站备案信息、经营资质展示、完整的联系方式、权威的网络安全认证标志、详细的地址等信息,能够增强用户的认可程度。只有用户在感到安全的前提下,才会对网站产生信任感,进一步产生业务联系、在线购买等行为。 Survey shows that, the website information, the management qualification record show, complete contact, authority of network security authentication marks, detailed address and other information, can enhance the user level of agreement. Only the user in feel safe, under the premise of will to trust from web site, further create business contact, online purchase, etc. 4.简化转化流程(Simplified transformation process) 用户的转化流程主要体现在浏览过程、购买流程、注册流程、互动流程等。我们千万不能去考验用户的耐心,而应该尽量让用户心情愉悦地进行每一步操作,并快速得到他想要的结果。简化流程是一项细活,需要反复地测试和揣摩。 Users are mainly embodied in the process of transformation process, purchase process, browse registration process, interactive process, etc. We mustn't go to test the patience of the user, and should try to make the user to a pleasant mood every step operating, and quickly get what he wanted the results. Simplify the process is a do it right, need repeatedly testing and consider. 5.设计合理的促销与限购(To design the reasonable promotion and buy) 小区内有一家新开的羊毛衫店,一开张就表明“只卖7天,低价促销”。7天后改说法了,“接厂家通知,再卖5天,降价促销”;5天后的说法是“最后3天,买一送二”;3天后的说法是“延期三天,一件不留”;再过3天的说法是“明天下午6点走,半卖半送”;2天后的说法是“厂车未到,见钱就卖,随到随走”――之后过了几天,羊毛衫全卖完了,他们真的走了,不过并没有走远,到另一个小区重新上演。一个月的时间里,这家羊毛衫店接连掀起5次销售高潮,在小区里创造了比商业街上同类店铺还要好的销售业绩。现在也有不少网站在模仿这种“促销与限购”相结合的方式,有效的提高了用户转化率,取得了骄人的成绩。 Inside the residential area a new open woolen sweater store, opened it shows that "sell only 7 days, low-cost sales". 7 days after that change, "the manufacturer notice, to sell 5 days, depreciate sales promotion"; Five days later is that "the last three days, buy a send two"; Three days later said that are "delayed three days, a leave"; Another three days is that "tomorrow at 6 p.m., half sell half to go"; After two days is that "factory car not to see money, sell, as you go along with the"-a few days later, woolen sweater are all sold out, they have really gone, but didn't go far, to another district on again. A month before this woolen sweater for five times a shop selling climax, in the community created than the streets similar shop even good sales performance. Now there are many web site in the imitation this "promotion and 限购" the way of the combination of the, effectively improve the user conversion rate, has achieved great success. 6.有效利用在线客服工具(Effective use of online customer service tool) 在线客服工具是提高网络营销转化率的有效工具。有数据表明,企业网站大多数访客由于不能进行及时的互动沟通和线上交流,超过98.5%的潜在用户将会流失。推荐使用QQ、旺旺等在线客服工具,另外400电话也可以大幅提高广告效果,400热线电话一年只需几百元,在极速400电话网有关于400业务的详细说明。在线客服工具是一个双向的交流沟通工具。用户可以主动同网站客服进行交流,网站客服也可以对用户的访问行为进行关注,并主动发出交谈邀请,帮助用户解决难题。 Online customer service tool is to improve the network marketing effective tool for conversion. Figures showed that enterprise web site visitors not to because most interacting and online communication, more than 98.5% of the potential users will be lost. Recommend using QQ, online customer service tools such as the prosperous, another 400 phone can also increase the advertisement effect, 400 phone calls a year need hundreds of yuan, in extreme 400 telephone network about 400 business details. Online customer service tool is a two-way communication tools. The user can actively communicate with customer service web site, the site of the customer service user's access to conduct attention, and actively talking to send invitation, help customers to solve problems. 7.精准的搜索引擎关键词广告(Precise search engine keyword advertising) 搜索引擎竞价广告是提高用户转化率的一种有效的网络营销方式。在对用户检索行为分析并在此基础上选择最有效的关键词组合,优化广告着陆页面内容的相关性,能有效提高转化率。搜索引擎竞价的效果由多方面的因素组成,每日的消耗预算、关键词上词数量和报告分析等维护工作的好坏直接影响了搜索引擎竞价产品的效果。由于搜索引擎关键词广告具有一定的专业性,通过选择有实力的服务商进行广告维护,可以进一步提升网络营销效果。像上海火速等在搜索竞价产品销售和服务上经验丰富。 Search engine for advertising is to improve the efficiency of the transfer of the user an effective network marketing methods. To users search behavior analysis and based on this, choose the most effective keywords combination, optimization of the page content advertising landing correlation, can effectively enhance the conversion rate. Search engine for effect by many factors composition, daily consumption budget, key words on the quantity and the word and analysis report a direct impact on the search engine for product effect. As search engine keyword advertising has certain professional, through the choice of strength are advertising service maintenance, can further enhance the network marketing effect. Like Shanghai in the search for products such as hotly sales and service experience. 8.具有说服力的客户见证(Persuasive customer witness) 客户见证是有效的营销技巧,但很多网站并没有充分利用客户见证到网络营销中来。在产品/服务展示的同时,展示该产品/服务客户的服务评价、使用体验,能增强产品/服务的说服力,增加用户购买的兴趣和信心。在这方面,阿里巴巴做得比较到位。在对其诚信通产品的营销推广中,阿里巴巴大量使用了客户见证技巧,既有正面的使用体验,也有反面的没有使用用户的受骗经历展示。两者的巨大反差使用户从心理上快速接受了诚信通产品。 The customer is an effective marketing skills testimony, but many web site and not make use of the customer to witness the network marketing. In the product/service show at the same time, show the product/service customer service evaluation, use experience, can strengthen the product/service persuasive, increase users buy interest and confidence. In this respect, alibaba is done is in place. In the good faith the product marketing promotion, the use of the customer alibaba witness skills, both the use of positive experience, negative no use of the user experience shows fraud. The great disparity between the user from psychological fast accept the integrity the products. 9.引导老客户进行转介绍(Guide old customers turn is introduced) 利用网络营销来引导老客户进行转介绍比传统营销方法还具有优势。通常情况下,对于已成交客户,我们可以通过积分、折扣、礼品等形式来促进老客户再次消费;同时,对于老客户介绍来的新客户,除了新客户能够得到比较优惠的价格,老客户也将得到积分或礼品等多种形式的回报。 Using the network marketing is to guide the old customers than the traditional marketing method to introduce still has the advantage. Usually, clinch a deal for already customers, we can through the integral, discount, gifts and other forms to promote old customer again consumption; Also, the old customer introduced him to new customers, in addition to new customers can get more favorable price, and old customers will also get points or gifts, and other forms of return. 10.重视电子邮件营销的应用(潜在客户的跟踪关怀)(Pay attention to the application of E-mail marketing (potential customers tracking care) ) 电子邮件营销并非指发送垃圾邮件广告。电子邮件营销除了在开拓新客户上有其作用之外,更大的作用还在于对于潜在客户的跟踪关怀上面。我们通过自身平台的电子杂志订阅用户、注册会员邮箱、有奖活动参与者邮箱以及合作伙伴提供的相关电子邮箱等多种形式获取潜在客户的邮件列表,使用电子期刊、促销活动介绍、网站精华内容推荐、免费资源提供等多种邮件形式,吸引潜在客户继续关注我们的网络平台和产品(服务),最终实现潜在客户的转化。 E-mail marketing is not refers to send spam advertisements. E-mail marketing in addition to develop new customers have their effect on the outside, a greater role for potential customers also lies in the tracking care it. We through their own platform of electronic journals subscription users, a registered member mailbox, participants mailbox prize and partners to provide the related electronic mailbox, and other forms of potential customers for mailing list, the use of electronic journals, sales promotion activity introduced, website essence, free resources provide recommended content and so on many kinds of E-mail form, and attract potential customers continue to focus on our network platform and product (service), finally realizes the transformation of potential customers. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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