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网站制作方面的经验,那就是我们应该怎么样才能不被建站公司忽悠呢? 网站公司打出的广告语一般都很吸引人, 那么这些广告语背后又是怎样的呢?和事实是否相 符呢?下面我们来看一下,网站公司的一些常用伎俩: In making the experience of the web site, and that is that we should not be how can stick across the company? The company website AD play are usually very attractive, so these behind the AD what kind of? And in fact if operators? Below we see, the web site of the company some commonly used trick: 一、 超一流的网站案例 大部分人在选择一家网站公司时, 都很注重这家网站公司以前所做过哪些案例, 当看到 一大堆案例摆到您眼前的时候, 您是否考虑到这些案例的真实性呢?大牌网站公司, 可 能由于做的时间比较长, 会积累一定的客户, 中小建站公司由于还不具备一定的规模和 实力,很难接到知名企业的订单,而且,大部分网站公司也会把给某些知名企业出了设 计稿,但是没有被选中的这部分稿子也当做案例,展示出来,甚至为某知名企业提供了 和网站建设不相干的服务,也将其当做案例展示出来。 所以,奉劝大家一句,选择网站制作公司时,案例切记不可当做重要的衡量指标,中小 企业,虽然案例不多,但是也有可能做出精品。A, excellent web site case most of the people choose a site company, much attention is paid to the web site before the company have do what case, when see a lot of cases to put your eyes, if you consider the case of authenticity? Big company website, but can do because the time is long, will accumulate some customers, small and medium-sized companies due to the site still do not have a certain size and strength, it is difficult to received well-known enterprise order, moreover, most of the web company would also give some famous enterprises set up a draft of the plan, but not of the selected parts of this draft also as a case, to show out, even for a well-known enterprise provides and website construction irrelevant service, will it as case show up. So, propose a, select the website production company, the case shall not as important in the measure of the index, small and medium-sized enterprise, although case is not much, but is also likely to make high-quality goods. 二、夸大其词的宣传 诸如“不满意全额退款” “最专业的。。“最高端的。。 。” 。”等等,此类的广告,是很有诱 惑力的, 但是, 我还是要给大家泼一盆冷水, 所谓的全额退款, 我想没有几家能做的到, 为什么这么说,之前我也说过了,网站制作包括哪些费用,域名空间这些费用太少,不 用提,光是设计、程序员时间成本,人力成本,我相信没有几家企业愿意白花的;还有 那些,比较虚幻缥缈的词汇“最专业”“最高端”….是没有任何实际价值的。 Second, exaggerated propaganda such as "not satisfied full refund" "the most professional.". The highest.. . "...." And so on, this kind of advertising, is a trap of force and confused, but, I will give you spilled a basin of cold water, called a full refund, I think few can do it, why do you say that, before, I also said, making web sites including what charge, domain name space these costs too little, do not use carry, light is design, programmer time cost, the human cost, I believe that few enterprises want to white flowers; And those who are, more illusory tenuous vocabulary the most professional "high-end"... . Is there any real value. 三、诱人的价格 除了网站本身之外,大部分人关注的还是价格,在目前情势下,网站已经是企业发展不 可或缺的一部分,所以网站制作公司也看准时机,发展壮大,十几年的老品牌、刚加入 的工作室,多如牛毛,他们之间也大打价格战,从几百元建站,到上千上万元不等,在 这里, 先跟大家说说这个低价格的原因: Three, inviting price in addition to outside the site itself, most of the attention or price, in the present situation, the website has is the enterprise development can not or missing part, so the website production company also certain time, grow, more than 10 years of old brand, I just joined the studio, a dime a dozen, but between them also big price war, from hundreds of yuan site, to thousands of tens of thousands of dollars, here, to tell us about the low price reason: 1、模板建站,这个是最常用、最好用的方式, 通过模板建站, 能够在很短的时间内就能仿制出一个网站, 厚道点的, 帮您改改 banner、 整体色调,不厚道的,一点不变,这样很容易造成和别的网站撞车;1, template site, this is the most common, the most useful way, through the template site, can be in a very short period of time can copy the a web site, and the point, help you change banner, whole is tonal, not kind, a constant, so is very easy to create and other web site crash; 2、廉价的空间、 粗糙的程序, 这些对价格能造成的影响有限, 不过这些对网站的稳定性的影响却是很大。 经常挂掉的网站,我想没有几个人,肯再来访问吧。2, cheap space, rough program, these to the impact of price can be limited, but these to the effect on the stability of the website is very big. Often hang up web site, I'd like to not have a few people, will come to visit it again. 以上几条只是说了下网站制作公司比较阴暗的一面, 大家千万不要因此而对所有的网站公司 抱有偏见,好的网站公司还是存在的,我们要以客观的态度,去选择建站公司。 那么,怎样选择一家好的网站制作公司呢? 如果公司的预算足够, 那么不要犹豫, 直接组一团队, 自己招策划、 设计、 制作、 程序等人, 方便管理, 或者选择时间长、 品牌知名的建站公司, 因为高端网站制作公司无非就那么几家; 如果预算一般, 以省钱为主, 那么你得好好鉴别了; 预算少的可怜, 那你直接找个人做好了; 如果你预算少,要求高,自己学建站吧(开个玩笑)。 怎样选择一家好的网站制作公司, 。。 我会专门写一篇文章的,这里就先说这么多。Above a few to just said the website production company is dark side, please don't it against all the sites are biased company, good website the company still exist, we will in an objective manner, to choose the site. So, how to choose a good website production company? If the company's budget enough, so don't hesitate, a team of the direct group, called the planning, design, production and the procedure of the people, convenient management, or to choose time long, well-known brand of the site, for the high-end production company website such so several; If the budget generally, mainly to save money, then you need to take a good identification; The budget of the poor little, you get a personal ready; If you have a limited budget, the demand is high, their site to learn it (a joke). How to choose a good website production company,.. I'll write an article specifically, here say first so much. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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