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搜索引擎优化注意事项: Search engine optimization note: 1:目前搜索引擎的算法很成熟,他不在是简单的是与不是之间推断,他会自动分析语句间 的段落格式,以及语句的组织能力判断,所以站长们不要自做聪明,去尝试引导搜索引擎, 那么你会得不偿失的。 Current search engine algorithm is very mature, he is not a simple is and is not that between, he will automatically analysis between the statement paragraph format, and statements organization ability judgment, so don't do the webmaster since smart, to try to lead the search engine, then you will be the loss outweights the gain. 2:网站建设与优化始终要坚持遵守 W3C 原则,网站设计与程序是否规范对于搜索引擎优化很重要。 Website construction and always stick to abide by the W3C optimization principle, web design and whether the program specification for search engine optimization is very important. 3:网站内容管理,更新网站内容需要增加与网站内容相关的,如果内容太丰富那么网站的 主题就会被冲淡, 因为搜索引擎的核心思想就是基于文字的推广, 目前搜索引擎还达不到能 够判断图片与 flash 里面的信息。搜索引擎优化中最关键的一点也是经常让广大站长们头疼 的一件事情,站内信息原创文章的更新,做搜索引擎优化的站长们都清楚,迎合搜索引擎最 好的方法就是“原创内容” ,原创内容质量越高越是能短时间内被收录并且取得好的排名, 之前做过一个实验,围绕写的一篇,如何提高网站访问量,文章刚被发出一分钟,然后就能 在搜素引起中查看到,所以站长们相信原创的力量。 Content management, update the content need to increase and the website content related, if the content is too rich so your site's theme will be diluted, because of the search engine is based on the core idea of the text of the promotion, at present the search engines are nowhere can judge pictures and flash it enough information. Search engine optimization of the most important point is often let the webmaster have a headache that one of the things, in the station of the original articles updated information, do a search engine optimization of the station is clear, to cater to the search engine's most good method is "original content", original content the higher the quality the more short time was collected and get good rankings, had done before an experiment, write an essay on, how to improve the site traffic, the article has just been let out a minute, then can cause in search of view to, so they believe that the power of the original webmaster. 4:优化过程中切忌不要去做些让搜索引擎反感的事情,比如添加隐藏的文本,或者采用隐 藏的 css 样式,设置字体颜色与背景颜色一致等手段,不要为了优化而优化,时刻要把用户 体验放到第一位。 Optimization process and do some avoid by all means does not get the search engines to resent the things, such as adding the hidden text, or an implicit hid the CSS styles, set up the font color and background color is consistent, and other means to don't in order to optimize and optimization, the time to put the user experience in the first place. 5:不要大量的复制别人的内容,搜素引擎对原创与复制内容具有很强的判断力,所以我们 尽量避免直接复制别人的内容, 如果没有过多的时间来写原创内容, 那么在复制的基础上稍 加修改也算是一篇伪原创内容,切忌不要直接复制别人的内容。 Not a lot of copying others content, search engine to original and copy content of good judgement, so we try to avoid a direct copy others' content, if do not have much time to write original content, then in the basis of add a copy changes also be a false original content, avoid by all means does not directly copying others content. 6:如果你对自己的方法很明确,否则不要去随意对网站进行优化,除非你目的很明确,知 道自己每步做的对优化影响程序, 与很多站长们交流, 当中发现很多站长不知道自己所做是 否能够对搜素引擎优化有所帮助,而是盲目的看到别人这么做了,也去效仿别人,熟不知自 己网站是否合适。 If your own method is very clear, otherwise don't go to web site at optimized, unless you the purpose is very clear, know oneself each step of the way to optimize the influence do procedures, and the webmasters communication, in that many webmaster don't know oneself is able to do search engines ever optimization help, but the blind see others do, also to follow others, cooked don't know myself from web site is appropriate. 7:搜索引擎优化不是闭门造车,想做好这门学问,需要我们大家相互交流,交流中也许我 们之间会摩擦出火花,我能在你的经验中吸取精华,你能在我的经验中了解到某些事情,搜 素引擎优化不是秘密,也没有像大家所说的那么神秘,多交流,多思考,每个人都可以成为 搜素引擎高手。 Search engine optimization is not closed doors, want to make the subject, need we all mutual communication, communication between the maybe I will rub off sparks, can I be in your experience of the essence, can you in my experience to know certain things, search engine optimization is not secret, also did not like what people are so mysterious, exchanges, think much, everyone can be a search engine player. 浅谈搜素引擎如何量化 Search engine on how to quantify (中国电子商务研究中心讯)因为自己最近一直在做网站建设的推广,所以经常去查百度 排名,相信其他站长都会跟我一样,也会对排在前面的竞争对手状况进行分析,那么,假如 一个网站在外链、 内容更新、 原创、 建站时间、 域名注册时间、 以及其他各个方面都不如你, 但人家就是霸着这个第一的位置,那是为什么呢?谁能甘心。 那我今天告诉你,网站排名绝不可能是从天上掉下来的,网站排名绝对是有原因的,这个原因其实就是“UEO” 。 UEO”顾名思义就是用户体验优化,直白一点儿就是从网站的栏目结构,信息布局,功能,设计,色彩各个方面都从用户的角度出发,进行整体规划。 (China electronic commerce research center)-because they've been doing recently of the construction of the website promotion, so often go check baidu ranking, believe that other webmasters would be like me, will be on row in front of the competition rivals to carry on the analysis, then, if a website chain, contents update, outside the original site, time, domain name registration time, and other aspects of all not equal to you, but the somebody else is the first position on this, and that is why? Who can alive. Then I tell you today, website rankings never fell from heaven, website ranking is definitely a reason, and the reason is actually "UEO". UEO "just as its name implies is to optimize the user experience, a little from the website is straightforward column structure, information layout, function, design, colour every aspect from the user's perspective, for overall planning. 虽然目前网络上对 UEO 的 文章不太多,但广大站长,对其应该并不陌生,它跟我们平时学的 seo 是一样的?关键词加粗,注重 H 标签和其他标签的语义,做原创内容,引导浏览者访问,不都是用户体验,不都是 UEO 吗?一回事而已,名字不一样而已。 那为什么它对排名这么明显和重要? 搜素引擎是怎么量化 UEO: 网上流传着这么一个公式 UEO(用户体验优化)= PV / OR(站点跳出率); 搜索引擎对 UEO 的量化和评估是这样子的,用户通过“网站制作”这个词找了很 多页找到了你的网站地址,或者带有你链接的相关网站地址,最后进入你的网站浏览内容, 而且浏览了多篇内容,还停留了很久,那么百度 google 就会认为你 UEO 非常好,网站体验 非常高。 瞧瞧其他站长都是怎么在做 UEO 的: 因为 UEO 要分析很多数据,所以不是很好去做实例观察,正如开篇所说,一个网站看 上去不怎么样,为什么人家能排前面,我们知道了为什么?那他们到底是怎么做的? Although at present on the network to UEO not too much, but the webmaster, is no stranger to its should, we usually learn with it as SEO is? Key words in bold, pay attention to label and other labels H semantic, do original content, and guide your visitors visit, is not the user experience, is not the UEO? One thing only, is not the same as the name just. But why it to rank so obvious and important? Search engine is how quantitative UEO: online there such a formula UEO (user experience optimization) = PV/OR (site jump out rate); Search engine to UEO quantization and evaluation is like this, the user through zhuhai website construction "this word for a very much the page of your website address, or with your link related website address, and finally into your website browse content, and browse the content more than paper, also stayed for a long time, then baidu Google will think you UEO is very good, the website experience is very high. Look at other webmasters are how to do UEO: because UEO to a lot of data analysis, he's not a very good to do example observation, as opening said, a web site look up not how, why somebody else can row in front and we know why? That what they actually do? 1、搜索引擎优化软件 百度再聪明,他也是套程序,肯定是有算法和规则的,那么只要你满足规则肯定就会得 到良好的效果,相反你做过火了,肯定就是得不偿失,被惩罚,好的搜索引擎这个度是很不 好掌握的,所以很多站长不敢以身涉险,我也不敢。 现在主流的优化软件大致流程如下: a、注册会员 b、下载软件 c、设置你的网站地址和关键词d、设置你现在所在行业,自己的网站目前的浏量和访问高峰低估 短时间内积聚大量流量,百度会有所察觉的。很容易被 K E、挂机,利用会员分布的优势,系统自动去搜索别人的关键词,然后访问网站,从不 同地区和时间带来合理的浏览量。这是最安全的。 “搜索引擎优化软件”效率非常高,能够在短期内达到目的,而且相应的防护措施也比 较科学,严谨,只要不过分,其实是不会被 K 的,当然还有什么积分策略之类的,这只是管 理手段或者盈利手段,不做评论 Search engine optimization software baidu and smart, he is also set of procedures, affirmation is to have algorithm and rules, as long as you meet the rules is certain to have good effect, instead you do far, affirmation is not worth the cost, be punished, good search engine this degree is not good master, so many webmaster can't misadventure in body, I don't dare. Now the mainstream optimization software general flow as follows: a, b, registered members download software c, set your website address and keywords d, set you now own industry, their site has clear quantity and visit peak underestimate short time build up large flow, baidu would be aware. Very easy to K E, hang, use of the advantages of the distribution, the system automatically to search other people's key words, and then visit the site, never with areas and time to bring in the reasonable hits. This is the most safe. "Search engine optimization software" efficiency is very high, can in the short term to achieve purpose, and the corresponding protective measures than a scientific, rigorous, as long as not too, is actually not be K, and, of course, what strategy of such integration, this is just the reason means or means of profit, not do the review 2、真正踏实的高手 这一点我就不多说了吧, 就是自己提升网站各个方面的性能了, 效果会比较慢。 Real player this steady I won't say it, is in her own ascension website all aspects of the performance, the effect will be quite slow. 《百度搜索引擎优化指南》8 月 14 日,百度公司发起成立了“互联网创业者俱乐部” , 并发布首份《搜索引擎优化指南》 。刚仔细看了下发布的百度今日发布的《百度搜索引擎优 化指南 v1.0》 ,虽然只是简单的 20 页内容,却传递了很多信息。 "Baidu search engine optimization guide" on August 14,, baidu company have launched "Internet entrepreneurs club", and issue the "search engine optimization guide". Just carefully read the baidu released under released today "baidu search engine optimization of guide v1.0", although only simple 20 pages content, but a lot of information transfer. 1、站长朋友要不要读这份指南? 我个人的回答是: 要。 其实在看这个之前就听说最近百度要发布这份专门针对搜索引擎 优化而做的指南,我和大家一样,都存有疑虑,既然百度要收站长们的钱,怎么可能去教会 大家去做优化呢?这样一想,就自然会觉得发布的所谓官方内容肯定不会真实。鉴于很多朋 友推荐我去看,也就下载了一份,看了后才发现,其实并非最初想象的那样。百度公司负责 人表示,推出《指南》旨在帮助互联网创业者在初期就步入正轨,用更为合理的方式增加自 身网站在搜索引擎中的收录数量,进而提升流量。同时他提醒广大站长,勿做以作弊的形式 做“黑帽 SEO” 。 这份指南也是提醒站长们学会“白帽 seo” ,而不是想着用各种办法去作弊。 Don't read the webmaster friends to guide? My personal answer is: to. Actually watching this before I heard that the baidu to released the specific to search engine optimization and do guide, I like everyone, all scepticism, now that baidu have to charge the webmaster of money, how can you do go to church to optimization? Such a thought, natural meeting feel released so-called official content won't real. In view of many friends of friends recommended me to see, also downloaded a, after looking to find, but it's not as first thought. Baidu company responsible for the people said, roll out "guide" aims to help the Internet entrepreneurs in early is on track, with more reasonable way to add the body in the search engine included in the website quantity and to increase the flow. At the same time he reminded the webmaster, do not do the form of cheating to do "black hat SEO". This guide is also remind webmaster to learn the "white hat seo," and not thinking about in various ways to cheat. 2、搜索引擎和 seo 从业者的关系 《指南》指出,1997 年以来,seo 和搜素引擎都处于对立的关系,其实从长远来看,搜 索引擎和 seo 从业者的利益是高度一致的,这也是百度第一次公开场合将此事进行强调。 之前的一年,百度的排序变化无常,令很多 seo 从业者是痛心疾首,一方面痛恨百度的 规则不断变化,一方面不断学习百度的新规则,站长界讨论最多的问题就是, “我发现最近 百度有一个……的规律” 很多质量好的站点的 11 位现象, , 很多曾经做过百度推广而后没有 做百度推广的站点排名下降厉害,让 seo 从业者们得出一个几乎人所共知的结论:百度人为 干预太多! 可能也是基于这样的一个背景, 作为一家大型搜索引擎公司, 不得不在这个时机发布该 《指南》 。百度提出,搜索引擎质量改善,需要 seo 去优化资源,改善检索结果,同时去引 导教育这个市场。同时,seo 也是搜索引擎价值的布道者,seo 让很多人认识了搜索引擎的 价值,然后让搜索引擎的商业用途更加明显,从而也会有利于搜索引擎商业价值的拓展。所 以百度要“重新审视搜索引擎和 seo 的关系” ,发布该《指南》 。 Search engine and seo practitioner relationship "guide" points out that, since 1997, seo search engines and the relationship in opposition, but in the long run, search index and the interests of the practitioners single-handedly seo is highly consistent, this is also the first time baidu deliberations public emphasis. The year before, baidu sorting fickleness, make many seo practitioner is saddened, on the one hand, hate the changing rules baidu, on the one hand, the learning of new rules baidu, head of the world most discussed problem is, "I find the recent baidu has a...... the law of" many good quality site 11 phenomenon, and many had the baidu promotion and then didn't do baidu promotion rankings down bad, let seo practitioners get a almost known conclusion: baidu manual intervention too much! Also may be based on such a background, as a large search engine company, have to in this time release the "guide". Baidu puts forward, search engine quality improvement, need to seo to optimize the resource, improve the retrieval results, and to lead education this market. At the same time, seo is search engine value of the preachers, seo make many people understand the search engine's value, and then to the search engine to the commercial use more evident, which will help to the development of the search engine commercial value. Have to baidu will "review the search engines and seo relations," release the "guide". 3、强化搜索引擎的基本原则 我们看到,在该《指南》中,除了不断强调要一如继往严厉打击“黑帽 seo”之外,还 强调了做好 seo 的几个需要重视的问题。很多问题,我们大多数站长朋友都有所了解,这其中包括: Strengthening the basic principles of the search engine we saw in the "guide", in addition to constantly stressed the need to continue cooperating to crack down on "black hat seo", but also emphasized the seo several needs to pay attention to the problem. Many problems, and we most webmaster friends all understood, including: (1)选择服务器稳定的空间商,便于蜘蛛来抓取信息; Choose the server stable space business, facilitate the spider to grab information; (2)建议使用文本,而不是图片、flash 或者 javascript 等来显示重要内容; Suggest to use text, but not the picture, the flash or javascript, etc to display important content; (3)网站结构要有层次感,最好用典型的树状结构; The structure of the website will have administrative levels feeling, the best is typical of the tree structure; (4)不要有 2 个不同链接指向同一个内容,这样会被认为是重复的内容; Don't have two different links to the same content, it will be considered repeated content; (5)不相关的内容用不同页面展示,每一个内容页面都能从另外某个页面链接过来,形成良好内部链接结构; Not related to the content with different display pages, from every page, link to a page from another, come over, form good internal links structure; (6)尽量不要做整站内容和域名的全部更新,这样会被认为是个新站,而失去原来所有的链接; Try not to do ZhengZhan content and the domain name all update, it will be considered a new sites, and lose the original all links; (7)title 和描述等要尽量不要做关键词堆积,要有可读性; Sure that your title and description should as far as possible don't do keywords accumulation, want to have readability; (8)尽量把搜索引擎当成用户,从用户体验去做 seo 更能赢得搜索引擎“芳心” 。 As far as possible the search engine as users from user experience to do more to win the search engine seo "heart". 4、直接否定站长们的几个错误观点 这份《指南》在不同部分直接指出了几个站长的误区,印象比较深的是如下 2 个常见误区。 Several of the direct negative adsense wrong views the "guide" in different part pointed out several webmaster directly error, a deep impression is the following two common misunderstandings. 误区一:做了百度推广的付费网站,和没有付费的 seo 站点,是不是有不同对待? 之前很多 seo 从业者的说法是,只要你交钱给百度了,那么你没有做推广的关键词,在 自然搜索部分会给你很差的排序, 这样百度就会逼迫你不断做更多词的推广, 从而达到更大 的利润,还有一种说法是,百度收你的钱了,那么为了保证你更好效果,除了在百度推广位 置给你位置外,在自然排名位置也给你更好的排序,这样就逼迫更多没有做推广的 seo 站点 只能找百度付费,才能获得更多的关注度。因为很多站点的实践证明了这些说法。但是百度 直接明确表明:百度的商业推广和自然搜索是两套独立运营的系统,参加商业推广的站点, 在自然排名是一视同仁,没有做任何特殊处理。 Error a: do the promotion of paying for baidu website, and not paying for seo site, isn't there a different treat? Many seo practitioner before the statement is, as long as you pay money to baidu, so you do not have the promotion of keywords, and in the natural search section will give you very poor sorting, such baidu forces you to constantly do more the promotion of words, so as to achieve greater profit, and one is that, baidu charge you for the money, so in order to guarantee you a better effect, except in baidu promotion place to your place outside, in natural ranking position and give you a better sorting, so he persecuted more didn't do the site can only promote seo find baidu pay, to get more attention. Because a lot of the site's practice has proved these claims. But baidu directly to clearly: baidu's business development and natural search is two independent operation system, participate in business promotion site, in natural ranking is equally, without any special treatment. 误区二:URL 静态化是不是有利于搜索? 很多站长都知道,要获得搜索引擎更好排名,就必须要做好静态化的工作,实在做不了静态化,就做成伪静态化也可以。百度指出,对于动态静态没有任何影响,没有歧视动态化 的 url 的情况。那为什么很多站长发现,站点做成静态化后,的确有利于百度搜索呢?百度 指出动态化产生的大量参数、内容相同或者无限循环,导致蜘蛛进入了一个黑洞,但是现在 百度已经能很好解决这个问题, 看来大家现在大可不必担心是静态还是动态了, 只需要减少 动态 url 中的变量参数即可。 Myth: static URL is helpful for search? Many webmaster all know, to get better search engine rankings, will have to do the work of static, really can't do static, are made into pseudo static can also. Baidu points out, for dynamic static didn't have any effect, no discrimination dynamic urls. Why many webmaster found that site to make static, certainly helps to baidu search? Baidu points out that a large number of parameters, produce dynamic content is the same or infinite circulation, lead to a spider entered a black hole, but now baidu can already very good solve this problem, it seems that we now need not worry is static or dynamic, only need to reduce the variable parameter dynamic urls can. 5、从网站运营角度来谈优化 这份《指南》中单独有个篇幅是谈网站运营的,这是我没有预见到的,一般来说,搜索引擎把用户吸引到站点上,它的任务就结束了,至于如何运营那是站长们的事情了。但是百 度很负责,一定要对你的效果负责到底,哈哈。百度提出一定要关注你的转化率,这个最能代表你的网站的效果了。当然,要通过流量分析工具,从跳出率、退出率和用户停留时间这 三个关键指标,来分析用户到了你的站点后的行为,从而发现问题,不断改善网站结构和内 容。最厉害的是,还从网站信任度以及网站的品牌角度,来阐述了站长朋友们一定要尽量将 搜索引擎用户,转变为忠实用户。其实,当你的网站品牌足够的时候,很多人要么通过百度 直接搜索你的站点名字找到网站, 更多的人则直接在地址栏输入网站的域名, 从而直接到达 网站,如果大家都直接从地址栏到达了网站,以后还有人会用百度么?百度引导大家提升网 站品牌,岂不是自掘坟墓么? 可能我多虑了,我忘记了,这是一份针对站长的《指南》 ,百度是站在站长朋友的角度 来思考问题的。 From the website operation Angle to talk about optimizing the "guide" alone have a space in it is to talk about website operation, this is I don't foresee, generally speaking, search engine to attract users to the site, its task is over, as to how to run it is the webmaster of things. But the degree very responsible, for you must be responsible for what the effect, ha ha. Baidu puts forward must pay attention to your conversion rate, the best represents your website the effect. Of course, want to through the flow analysis tools, from jump out rate, exit rate and the user the residence time of three key index, to analyze the user to your site's behavior, which found that problems, and constantly improve the structure of the website and let in. The most serious is, also from web sites and web site brand Angle credibility, to elaborate the webmaster friends must as far as possible will search engine users, change is loyal users. In fact, when you website brand enough, a lot of people either directly by baidu search your site name is find, more people is directly in the address bar to enter the website domain name, and direct to the website, if you are directly from the address bar to arrived at the site, later, some would use baidu? Baidu guides everybody ascension nets stand brand, not cutting their own roots? I may be overrated, I forget, this is according to a head of the "guide", baidu is standing in the point of view of the webmaster friends to think of the problem. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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