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一般说来,URL中包含关键词对网站优化确实会有所帮助。 不过从品牌效果考虑, 用品牌名称做域名应该是比较合适的。 不要走急功近利误区。独立域名更能获得搜索引擎的认可。调查显示:大多数搜索引擎排名时对那些不具备独立域名的网站赋予较小的“重要性”。 Generally speaking, the URL contains keywords to site optimization really can help. But from the brand effect consider, supplies, PaiMing called domain name should be more appropriate. Don't go get rich quick erroneous zone. Domain names more to the search engine's approval. Survey: most of the search engine rankings for those who do not have independently when domain name to the website smaller "importance". 网站优化的目的是用合理的手段(不是作弊),对网站源代码进行优化,使之对搜索引擎更友好,更符合排名规则一个站点的排名70%是靠网站优化做到的网站优化内容着力点 :网站结构分析/优化;关键词分析;客户竞争对手分析; The purpose of the site optimization is to use reasonable means (not cheating), to optimize website source code, make to the search engine more friendly, more in line with a site's ranking rules ranked by 70% is optimized your site do website optimization content focus: website structure analysis/optimization; Key words analysis; Customer analysis of competitors; 网站优化效果四项指标衡量:在搜索引擎中关键词排名; 在Alexa全球排名; PR值或外部连接数量; 目标人群的到达率;(注意不是泛泛的PV) Website optimization effect four measures: in the search engine rankings keywords; Alexa rankings in global; The PR value or external connection quantity; The target population reached; (note that not broad PV) 网站优化基础工作是网页的优化,网页的优化内容涵盖: Website optimization is the optimization of the foundation work web page, the optimization of the web page content covers: 第一:标题(title),你所选择用的关键词(一般最好是3个关键词)。 Title (title), what you choose to use the keywords (generally is best three keywords). 第二:meta标签,这里包括,keyword、description、generator、robots、Progid等。 Meta tags, this includes, keyword, description, generator, robots, Progid, etc. 第三:图片alt标签,尽量少用flash和图片(个人认为,不过位了美观度可适当)。 Pictures of Alt tag, use less as far as possible flash and pictures (personal thought, but a beautiful degree can be properly). 第四:要有合理的web网站设计结构,少用JV脚本语言,别用层。 To have reasonable web design structure, less with JV scripting language, don't use the layer. 第五:外部链接(文字链接),别去链接工厂。 External links (text links), don't go to link the factory. 网站优化不要天天盯着排名,这样很累,做好网站的内容(内容是最重要的).网站优化过程不是排名直线上升,现实情况表现其实更多的是排名的起伏,但这是很正常的。因为是过程。网站优化不是作弊,也不是简单的对关键词堆彻。为什么某些seo高手能快速地让关键词优化好呢? Website optimization don't stare at every day rankings, which is very tired, do the content on the website (content is the most important). Site optimization process is not ranking in a straight line, the reality show more is actually the ranking ups and downs, but this is very normal. Because is process. Website optimization is not cheating, also is not simple to repeal of key words. Why some SEO programmer can quickly make keywords optimization good? 是因为他们手头上有很多的网站的FTP帐号和密码(这些是很重要的因素),而且他们手头上有很多PR值高的网站,在这么多的网站上挂个链接,简单的做下网站优化效果就出来了。稍留意下,我们会惊奇于有些网站:网站做的不成“网”形,PR值却同时高的要死,这些都是SEO的“幕后杰作”。网站优化需要一个过程,比如说你时间长了,手上的FTP帐号多了,认识的朋友也多了,那么你链接就会有质量了。Google 每年进行的 10 次常规更新和不时出现的算法升级有很大一部分是由于受到了SEO 行业研究的启发。 Because they have a lot of web site FTP account and password (these are very important factors), and they have a lot of the PR value high site, in so many web site a link, simple do the next web site optimization effect came out. A little attention to, we will be amazed by some sites: web site do no "nets" form, the PR value while high death, these are the SEO "behind the scenes masterpiece". Website optimization needs a process, for example you for a long time, hand FTP account many, know a friend also many, then you link will have quality. Google each year for 10 times the regular update and upgrade the algorithm is shown a big part of the SEO industry is due to research of inspiration. SEO 的真正含义应该是 “对网页进行优化,以使其对搜索引擎更加友好 ” 。 SEO's true meaning should be "of web optimization, in order to make it to the search engine more friendly". 现在所有的搜索引擎,包括 Google 在内,都有一个难以消化的问题 —— 对动态网站的接受能力不够。 Now all the search engine, including Google inside, there is a difficult to digest issues-on dynamic website accept ability is not enough. 知道了什么是对 Google“ 不友好 ” 的,就可以大致找到对 Google“ 友好 ” 的办法: 通过甚重选择关键字、外部链接、锚文本以及合理安排页面元素的搭配,优化网站的底层结构,尽量多采用静态页面技术,少用甚至不用动态页面技术,减少不必要的脚本程序等,就可以从技术层面初步达到对搜索引擎 “ 友好 ” 的目的。 Know what is on Google "unfriendly", can find for roughly Google "friendly" measures: through heavy choose what keyword, and external links, anchor text and reasonable arrangement of elements of the page is tie-in, optimize the underlying structure of a web site, try to use more static page technology, less with don't even need to dynamic pages technology, reduce unnecessary scripts to wait, can from the technical level of the search engine to preliminary "friendly" purposes. 要想达到SEO 的终极目标 —— 排在相关关键词查询结果的首位,最重要的还需要网站内容的配合。短期内提高排名对一个内容很差的网站是没有任何意义的,因为 Google 的算法现在更新的频率非常快.Google 的目的就是要 “ 找到人们最需要的东西 ” ,所以网站优化的最根本办法就是,让你的网站确实成为人们最需要的网站。 To achieve the ultimate goal of SEO-row in the related key words inquires the first results, the most important of the content on the website also need to cooperate. The short term boost ranking to a content is very poor site is meaningless, because Google's algorithm is now the frequency of updates very fast. Google's purpose is to "find people need the most thing", so the website optimization of the most fundamental way is, make your site really become the people need most web sites. 所有搜索引擎 的目的都是一样的,都是帮用户找到最合适的网站,所以丰富网站内容的重要性无论如何强调都不为过。 All search engines of the purpose is the same, is to help users find the most suitable web sites, so the importance of rich website content cannot be overemphasized. Google 目前的算法公式已经升级过无数次,其中涉及的变量甚至会有 300 多个, PageRank 只是其中最著名的一个而已。说道底,对于网站优化而言。真正重点还是把内容做好,把你的用户粘在你的网站,你的用户将不断的积累,流量大了,对GOOGLE排名最有用。 Google the algorithm has been upgraded formula numerous times, involving variable or even more than 300, is one of the most famous PageRank a just. The bottom of the said, for the website for optimization. Real focus or the content well, put your users stick in your website, your users will be accumulated ceaselessly, large flow, GOOGLE ranking of the most useful. 点击越多越好吗?不尽然。要考虑谁在看你的网页。这是至关重要的问题。必须是你的目标访问者才有用。 吸引目标访问者,需要选择好登录搜索引擎的关键词、加入分类目录时选择好目录及子目录。过多的_JavaScript代码统一放到一个.js文件中。搜索引擎不会读_JavaScript代码。使用简单的表格,不要过度使用表格,或表格中嵌套表格,这样最容易出现HTML错误。 使用CSS样式表统一字体,而不要过多使用HTML字体标签。Click on the more the better? Not exactly. Want to consider who is reading your web pages. This is the question. Must be your target visitors are only useful. Attract targeted visitors, need to choose a good login search engine key words, to join classified catalogue choice when the directory and subdirectories. Too much _JavaScript code in a unified. Js file. The search engines don't read _JavaScript code. Use simple form, do not excessive use of form, or form nested form, so most prone to HTML error. Use CSS style sheets unified font, and don't use too much HTML font tags. 本文发布于北京网站建设公司商企云http://www.1558.cn/



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